Awesome Con 2019 Recap

The biggest comic convention show in Washington, DC took place over the weekend as many attendees of different fandoms arrived at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for Awesome Con. This is the first Comic Con I covered as a press member in that area and I must say, it is totally worth going to if you are in the area or if you are visiting Washington, DC. I was there from Friday to Sunday and I have seen it all over there whether it was cosplayers, video game areas, the panels, the artists and creators, and much more. Here is my recap of Awesome Con 2019.

First, I would like to say that Avengers: Endgame premiered the same weekend as Awesome Con and I think that is the first time that an Avengers film took place the same weekend as a major comic con. My thoughts of the movie is right here and caution yourself if you have not seen the movie yet or else you will be spoiled. Seeing the movie with many people who have also attended Awesome Con was a great experience this time around compared to going to my local theater.

The convention center is huge! I am not kidding, it is half the size of the San Diego Convention Center and that center is very huge itself. One of the features of the convention center that benefitted everyone is the amount of chairs and seats that were outside the show floor and panel rooms. You can literally grab a seat for a quick second at any time you would like. Compared to other shows such as San Diego Comic Con and others, Awesome Con was more accessible to seating than any other show I have ever covered. The main show floor was at the same level as New York Comic Con with the size of the show and the layout of the show started with the autographing and photo ops on one side of the end of one area, to the middle with the different variety of vendors, followed by the artist alley, then the comic book vendors, and finishing with activities for children at the end of the other side of the main floor. With all of the detail I just described, you would think that everything on the main floor would bee very chaotic. But luckily, it was not as everything was fairly arranged and although there was a huge amount of attendees, I never felt like I wasting pushed and shoved as I was walking to different vendors. New York Comic Con usually has great crowd control and Awesome Con’s crowd control was at the same level too.

On the same level, there was an exhibit that showcased all of the iconic costumes and props and key comic book issues of the Batman franchise. Seeing those costumes that were worn by the actors in person was fantastic and the amount of detail that was on each costume makes me want to wear one of them on myself. The ones that were there ranged from the 1989 Batman film, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and Gotham.

On the second level, was where the video game and tabletop games took place as they were both in large rooms across from each other. The video game section featured many console and arcade games ranging from the classic ones from the early 1980’s to the fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. There were also even carnival games at the video game section as well. Whoever in Awesome Con’s team came up with that idea deserves an award! I would like to also note that there were direction signs all over the convention center and I knew where I was going all the time and not once did I feel like I was lost.

The final level was where the panels took place. I wanted to go to the Mike Colter (Luke Cage) panel the first day, but it took place the same time I watched Avengers. I did attended the Amy Jo Johnston panel and I never knew how funny of a person she was until I seen her talk out of character. That one I enjoyed that Saturday morning. The one where WCW legend and WWE Hall of Fame inductee Sting was also great to see as well as he talked about his career, his run as the “Joker Sting” in TNA, a time in WCW where his entrance almost went wrong, When he became a born-again christian, who he would love to wrestle if he did not retire and much more. Unfortunately, That one could not be recorded by video, but I did recorded the audio of the panel which you can listen below.

Tara Strong has always been great to her fans and that was in full display during her panel. I often wonder how can she make a quick transition from one character that she played to another very seamlessly and she answered that question during the panel. There were moments that made everyone laugh and cheer at the panel and it was very enjoyable to see it live.

I also interviewed WWE Hall of Fame inductee and AEW producer Billy Gunn at the show and for a man that is 55 years old, he is still in shape as he was years ago. It was a great interview as we talked about the Hall of Fame, his role in AEW, and much more. You can check that out below.

Awesome Con was a great show and I recommend everyone to come to this show when it returns next year. There is a mix of everything for everyone to enjoy as the time will go quick as you are at the show. Below is a video I made showcasing the cosplayers.

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