Lo Pan Enchants August PREVIEWS


Lo Pan Enchants August PREVIEWS

(BALTIMORE, MD) – (August 13, 2015)-Create a little trouble with the PREVIEWS exclusive glow-in-the-dark Ghost Lo Pan ReAction figure by Funko and Super7. Fans of the film Big Trouble in Little China can get their hands on the villain Lo Pan and watch him cast some magic as he glows in the dark! The figure is available to pre-order from the August PREVIEWS catalog and will be available to purchase from comic book specialty shops in mid-September.  

Wearing his black robe and headdress, Lo Pan is artfully rendered in this 3 ¾ inch figure, giving off a magical blue glimmer from his eyes, face, and hands—the figure even has Lo Pan’s trademark elongated finger nails! Fans of John Carpenter’s hilarious fantasy action film can also collect the other characters in the Big Trouble line, including Jack Burton, Gracie Law and Lightning.

Funko’s ReAction line of fully-posable figures are reminiscent of the immensely popular Kenner action figures from the 1970’s and 80’s. Featuring vintage-styled blister card packaging, fans can collect criminal kingpin David Lo Pan in his ghostly form exclusively through PREVIEWS.

This unique Lo Pan figure can be purchased for $10.99 using item code AUG152463 at your local comic book shop. Find a local comic shop at www.comicshoplocator.com.

Comic book review: Big Trouble In Little China

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

Boom studios has release issue one of an on going series based on the cult hit Big Trouble In Little China. IF and I do mean IF you have never seen this film watch below.

The comic takes place after the events of the film.BigTrouble_01_coverE


Jack is in his truck and runs head deep into a giant yet lovable demon who is now bound to him. The reason why has to do with the ending events of the movie.

BigTrouble_01_PRESS-9  BigTrouble_01_PRESS-10 BigTrouble_01_PRESS-11 BigTrouble_01_PRESS-12 BigTrouble_01_PRESS-13He heads back to Chinatown to help rid him of his new “best friend” but upon arrival he learns that the only way to get rid of the demon is for Jack to die. In typical film style bad guys crash the party causing a big battle to erupt and a new villain emerges.

being this is the first issue I will let go a lot of what I feel makes this book weak and just wait to see where it is going.  It does try really hard to capture the movies fun and action but I do feel the art is a weak point in this series and could have

benefited with a better artist. If you really love the film and always wanted to see the future adventures of Jack this is your book.