Revoltech Anubis and Jehuty Anubis

Showing off some Revoltech love at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

opened for pre-order tonight! Revoltechs No. 111 and 113 are both 14 cm tall with multiple points of articulation (19 for Anubis, 25 for Jehuty) and come with lots of accessories. Anubis comes with six “wisps”, a spear, parts to attach the wisps and a display stand. Meanwhile, Jehuty comes with quite a bit more: two beam wings, paddle blades in stored and opened versions, ring data, a beam effect, a landing gear, an arm extension double joint, several additional hand parts, a display stand and ring data holding parts. The Anubis Edition Jehuty comes with four homing missiles

Jehuty is a mid-November release at ¥2,838, while Anubis is a mid-December figure at ¥3,314

Pre-Order here and here