Masters of the Universe Chronicles – The Final episode?

Hey guys your eyes aren’t playing tricks. The Chronicles feed is unable to host any new episodes at the moment so this was the best way to bring you a new and possibly last Chronicles ever episode.

I was joined by Brandon and Manny from the terrific ThundercatsNow podcast (follow them on twitter @thundercatsnow) as we discuss our favourite figures from the line as well as the problems we have had in dealing with Digital River and ordering from

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For what may be the last time, thanks for all the Masters of the Universe Chronicles support and to all the people who came on as a guest. Until next time…perhaps

MOTUC Classic:Episode #8 Dean Stefan Interview

To get the fans of Alternative Mindz familiar with the Masters of the Universe Chronicles, Here is a Classic Episode!

Hello and welcome to March’s edition of Masters of the Universe Chronicles.

You also find out who the guest will be on April’s show and hopefully you wont be disappointed.  The Dean Stefan interview is very informative and even if you were a fan of the 2002 Mike Young Production show or not, you will hopefully enjoy it! Dean talks about how King Grayskull came about, what was planned for season 3 of the show and much more

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Masters of the Universe Chronicles: “The Shaping Staff” Commentary


In another episode of our commentaries episodes, myself and He-Man cartoon expert James “Busta Toons ” Eatock commentate on “The Shaping Staff”.  So if you have the DVD, why not join us by popping it in your player. All you need do is press the play button on your DVD remote when we instruct you to! The audio of the episode is in the background so you will hear what we’re talking about regardless.

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Episode #40 Power and Honor Foundation Catalog vol 1

Welcome back to another Masters of the Universe Chronicles episode and this time you need to have something to look at.  There has been commentaries and now its time to read along…well almost.

Dylan Cook, Mike Lacey and James Sawyer join Chris as they sit down and look at the fantastic Power and Honor Catalog Vol 1.  Each host picks 3 of their favourite pieces from the book, tell you what page number they are on and briefly describe what it is!  There was a lot of variations in the choices and towards the end the guys actually just pick some random ones. Stay tuned to after Chris says “Until next time” for some hilarity thanks to James Sawyer…of sorts!

If you wish to know more about this fantastic catalog, please listen to Episode 34 of Masters of the Universe Chronicles or you can head to www, for more information!  This is a truly wonderful site and please make a donation to support the site and the founders as well!

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Stay tuned for a crossover featuring a terrific podcast talking about another product from the 80s!