Young Rock Season 1, Episode 6 “My Day With Andre” Review

YOUNG ROCK — “Pictured: “Young Rock” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

This week’s episode of Young Rock centers around Ata Johnson as she is auditioning for StarSearch. The other subplots of “My Day With Andre” involves the planning of a battle royal, and Young Dwayne’s day with Andre The Giant.

Dwayne Johnson goes into detail of how much his time with The Giant meant to him. Even when they were both watching E.T, that is a memory that he cherish and is proud to talk about. E.T was extremely popular at the time the film was released in 1982 so you can see why he wanted to see it.

The booking of the battle royal that took place at the hotel is quite telling to the casual viewer on how matches were booked. There were no writers or creative team members as it is today. The booker would speak of the plans out loud or on a whiteboard while also coming up with a finish to the match. Think of it as a “booker’s committee” this way.

Rocky Johnson was scheduled to win the match by last eliminating Afa. But Lia Maivia pulled a fast one and changed the finish for The Iron Sheik to win the match. Only because she saw Rocky Johnson talking with the shady promoter earlier that day. But what she did not know, is that Rocky Johnson did not take the deal that was presented to him.

There were some funny parts that I did like. The scene when Macho Man and Elizabeth were interrupted for a second was funny and this time, Kevin Markley looks much more conformable for the role. I also liked the interactions between Rock and Andre as well. It also made me wonder what would have happened if Ata became a world wide known singer if she pursued it.

I also thought it was nice for the Pat Patterson tribute at the end of the episode. He is the innovator of the Royal Rumble match so his tribute is welcomed since the main event on this show was a battle royal.

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