Yu-Gi-Oh Card Artworks That Are Misleading

There is always something that meets the eye when it comes to artwork. When you take an close examination of the artwork, you will notice some things that you did not see the first time around. There are thousands of card artworks in the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise that’s are outstanding. These Yu-Gi-Oh card artworks stood out to me as they can be missed without a close inspection. Here are some Yu-Gi-Oh cards that have misleading artwork.

Decoy Dragon

Decoy Dragon’s name fits the artwork after you take a second look. This Yu-Gi-Oh card’s art is overlooked by many duelists that has this card in their deck. Your mind will be blown after I say this. The eyes on Decoy Dragon are actually the two small eyes at the end of the sides of it’s head and not the two large “eyes” on the front. It really lives up to the name and now you cannot unsee it!


Souleater looks like a normal fish Yu-Gi-Oh monster with basic artwork. Take a look of everything around the fish. Do you notice anything?It is part of the full body of the actual monster.

It is crazy to think that this is the full model of Souleater. Many would wonder which is actually the “Souleater” between the large monster, or the fish itself It is kind of an out of body experience in this sense.

Abyss Dweller

The first time anyone takes a look at Abyss Dweller, the viewer would think that it is just a cave. look very closely on the left, it is a big dragon. The dragon blends in very well in the cave and it can give onlookers a nightmare if they were to see that in real life.

Red Eyes Black Flare Dragon

The Red Eyes Yu-Gi-Oh archetype has a ton of popular cards. Red Eyes Black Flare Dragon has a small detail that I almost missed. Red Eyes Black Flare Dragon has two more eyes under it’s jaw. This is very surprising and unique as the eyes look like it is part of the background. I could not blame anyone that missed that detail the first time around.

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