The Walking Dead World Beyond has Finally Revealed the Meaning of “A” and What it Could Mean for “B”

The Walking Dead World Beyond has finished their latest episode with another CRM scene. For this particular scene, it is closely related to the “A” or “B” taglines that Jadis used when she referred to Rick Grimes as an “B” when she saved him.

At the time “A or B” was first heard, theories about what those letters stood for came to be. Some of those theories also included Alpha and Beta. On this week’s World Beyond, the meaning of what “A” is has been addressed.

On the post-credits scene of this week’s episode, a woman of CRM is recording a message on a tape recorder. There is also a photo that is in view that has four doctors. Of the four, one of them is test subject A-402, and the woman that is talking on the tape recorder is also in that photo. The man was Dr. Samuel Abott from Portlant, OR who is now a walker. It is here, that we see a number of test subjects that are walkers. Those test subjects are labled as an “A” with a number next to it.

Another thing to note, is that it seems like they were all either intentionally bit, or already bit when they arrived. The next test subject (A-403) might have also been another doctor in that photo since the view focused on that photo when she said to bring in the next subject. The next subject could either be Iris’ father, or the other person who is in the photo.

We now know that “A” means bitten or injured. Jadis saving Rick Grimes and referring to him as a “B” saved his life. Especially since she said that he is strong. We did not find out the meaning of “B” on this episode. But I can come to the conclusion of what “B” means based on what “A” means. Tie in to the fact that Jadis originally called for an “A” helicopter and changed her mind once she seen Rick Grimes and labled him as a “B.”

This story would be different if Jadis told the CRM pilot if Rick was an “A” on that episode.

Jadis also thought that Gabriel was a “B” before she knocked him out and tied him up. When she was going to have a walker bite Gabriel, she mentioned that he is an “A” and that he is the price of admission. This meant that Gabriel would have been a “Test Subject A” if CRM would have picked him up.

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