The Boys Season 2 Non-Spoiler Review

Last year, Amazon’s The Boys premiered on Prime and it has beed a huge hit across the world. It has caught the interest of longtime comic book fans of the series, and curious viewers that has heard of the show. I can personally say that I love the first season and I was happy when I seen that the second season was announced.

The first season ended in a cliffhanger. And the second season not only continued from the last scene of the first season when Billy finds out that his family is alive, but it also fleshed out the stories from the current characters, and the new characters as well. Here is my non-spoiler review of the second season of The Boys.

Season 2 of The Boys continues the story of Season 1 and it raised the bar from what we seen on Season 1. The main plot of the season, is how the hidden secrets of the first season will affect the superheroes, and Boys. The Seven also gets a new member named Stormfront and how I can describe her, is that she is in tune of the political world of today, and another thing about Stormfront that I cannot say, is that she will most likely be very despised within the fanbase because of her actions. She is also very funny too especially that one scene where she makes questionable memes and posts them on social media. But it is not all good as Stormfront and Homelander are not on the same page at first as they are enemies. But they both eventually put aside their feud since they both have one thing in common and that is, to abuse their power behind the scenes. You will see an example of this power struggle when she joins The Seven and a few episodes after that, you may wish that she did not join in the first place.

Speaking of Homelander, I find his character development this season far better than the first season especially since his son is in his life and he wants to be a good father when he is around him. Homelander also wants his son to be like him, but his son does not want to become what Homelander is. Anthony Starr really knocked it out the park with his portrayal of Homelander and it made me think of how much of a human side he has when he is not in the public eye infront of those cameras. I also thought the same way with Starlight and her story and development this season I thought was handled really good. A-Train’s scenes made me wanted to feel some sympathy for the character on the first few episodes of the season and I could not blame him at all.

I cannot forget Karl Urban. Him and Jack Quaid’s chemistry grew here on season two as I felt that their chemistry on season one was still building . They both really get eachother’s characters and there are a few scenes involving them two that made me laugh especially at the end of the second episode, into the beginning of the third episode. The way Karl Urban portrayed Billy this season is far differenty than the last season and it is night and day when you compare the character in both seasons.

I would like to also say that the gore on this season is much more brutal, and gruesome than the last season. There were moments on this season where my jaw dropped due to the nature of the gore on particular scenes especially for the most part, The Female, also known as Kimiko. In fact, we find out early on in the season something interesting about Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and what drives her to take down The Seven. If you are not into gore, I would suggest for you to turn away when those unexpected gore moments happen involving her along with all the other characters. There are also twists and turns that you will not see coming and there are quite a lot of surprises that comes with it too.

Although I do love the stories of this season and what was presented, I feel that there is an unbalance of which side are you, the viewer, are going to be on. But I love this season’s production and plot. What you thought of how the two sides of good and evil were in season one, is thrown out the window on season two as both sides have their own motives of the reasons they do what they do. In this case, nobody is in the right or wrong here as it is open for interpretation in my own eyes. And as far as scenes that were adapted and remixed in the source material, there are a lot of big scenes from the comic that happens on this season and you will have to find out for yourself when the season premieres.

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