What Would a Carol and Daryl Date Would Look Like on The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier – The Walking Dead _ Season 10 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

A few months ago, I decided to do some date ideas for Daryl and Connie since it was Valentine’s Day. The fanbase would like to see them two get together to be a couple and I can see why. But it is also to note that there are fans of Daryl and Carol that would like to see these two in a relationship as well due to the fact that these two have been seen together for nearly a decade on the show and I can also understand this side too due to the history that Carol and Daryl had. This is also something I am curious about as well as these two characters really do understand eachother inside and outside as their bonds were build up from the moment they meet, to right now at this current state. Now what would happen if these two had a date? Today, I am going to come up with date ideas between Carol and Daryl.

First, I have to think of how this would be established? Who would actually ask the question of a date in the apoclapse. I think I would lean towards Carol since she can really open Daryl up for a discussion and we have seen that in the past. But what would the conversation be like? Maybe the two are already talking about something else alone and she brings up the date idea. Daryl might be taken off guard at first, but he will think it is not a bad idea at all. Carol is very convincing when she speaks and Daryl has cared for her all these years so it would make sense for these two to have a date. Now that it is established, here are some date ideas I have thought of.

A Boat Ride

I chose this because not only would these two enjoy a good time in the sea, but Carol could also show Daryl where the island she was on when she left. That would also be a great time for them two to bond during this journey to their private island, and maybe catch some fish along the way too. Plus, Carol and Daryl would not have to worry about any walkers as this would be a peaceful ride.

Building Dog a Doghouse

I am a dog lover so the thought of Carol and Daryl building a doghouse for Dog would be cute. There are a lot of wood and tools at Alexandria and it could be built at the back of Daryl’s house. Whether if Dog actually stays in that house would be another question, but I am pretty sure that Carol would also come up good designs of what colors the doghouse would have and Daryl would come up with the interior look as well.

Double Date with Rick Grimes and Michonne

Although Rick Grimes was saved by Jadis, and Michonne went out to find him, What if after Rick and Michonne reunites, they have a double date with Carol and Daryl. And the timeline could match up perfectly at The Commonwealth, or one of the CRM communities since they are heavily guarded. It would be normal life over there so Daryl and Carol would be fine having a double date with Rick and Michonne as they all can catch up and do activities at one of these communities without worrying about the dead coming. Plus, Carol and Daryl would most likely talk about the double date after it is over when they are alone.

A Photoshoot

I did not forget that Alexandria has a camera since Rick took that polaroid camera from The Saviors. Why not put it to use and I believe The Princess would set this up since that would match her personality. She can even be the costume designer for this photo shoot between Carol and Daryl. Plus, this would the opportunity for Carol to tell Daryl to smile on camera and he would do it. Especially if they both have on really funny costumes. Plus, Dog would be in this shoot too!

Motorcycle Race

Remember that episode of Ride With Norman Reedus when it was him and Melissa McBride overseas? Why not bring elements of that episode, to this date as not only Daryl would teach Carol how to ride a motorcycle, but they can also have a fun race with it. Maybe after they use motorcycles, they can switch to horses. A race from one end of The Hilltop, to the other end would be fun as both of their competitive side would come out.

A Movie at The Kingdom

I know, That festival did more damage than good back in season 9. But for this case, The festival never happened. Daryl would surprise Carol on a movie date and whatever they will watch will be fine since nobody has seen any movies or television since before the apoclapse happened. And it would be a private screening so they can both be alone in that theater until the movie ends. Plus, no way would Alpha disguise herself since The Kingdom soldiers will be guarding the front and back door.

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