Feuds of the Dead Week 2: Michonne vs The Governor

Michonne and The Governor is the first feud in this mini series of Feuds of the Dead that was adapted from the source material. The feud in the comic was brutal and not all of it was adapted on the television show due to it’s graphic nature. But what we got on the show, worked and the fans of The Walking Dead loved it. Here is week two of Feuds of the Dead as I am highlighting the feud between Michonne and The Governor.

After Michonne found Andrea at the end of season 2, they traveled together in season 3. At this time, Andrea fell sick and Michonne given her pills and told her that they should continue walking. They then witnessed a helicopter crash in the forest and they both walked to the area where the helicopter crashed. They both seen dead bodies until they both hide behind bushes as The Governor and a few of his men checked on the soldiers. The Governor killed those soldiers, and as Michonne and Andrea were about to leave, Merle Dixon caught them and ordered them to drop their weapons.

They were taken to Woodbury as Michonne and Andrea were kept in a locked room. When The Governor came to see them, Michonne demands that they get their belongings back and to leave. The Governor tolf Michonne that they can sleep for the night. The day after, The Governor gives them a grand tour of Woodbury and Michonne is still not buying that it is a safe place as she wanted him to give back her sword. Michonne eventually does gets back her sword as she went into his house to retrieve her sword while the party at Woodbury was going on. Michonne wanted Andrea to leave with her, but she wanted to stay.

Michonne also killed all of the walkers that was used as the pets at his fight arena. After The Governor discovers this, he sent Merle, Crowley, Tim, and Gargulio to hunt Michonne down. Michonne killed Crowley and Tim quickly, but Merle shot Michonne. Merle was about to kill her, but he was attacked by walkers which gave Michonne a chance to leave. At this point, Michonne has given Rick Grimes and the rest at The Prison intel on how they will launch their assualt on Woodbury and to save Glenn and Maggie. While that was going on, Michonne and The Governor had a standoff as zombified Penny, the daughter of The Governor is put down by Michonne. This lead to the fight between Michonne and The Governor as these two fought until The Governor lost his eye due to Michonne stabbing his eye with a shard of broken glass.

A few days later after Michonne rejoined the group, The Governor and his group attack The Prison for the first time along with Merle. Michonne and the rest did their very best to kill the walkers that were pouring out from that truck along with the ones that were coming to The Prison. Michonne and the rest of Rick’s group plan to go back to Woodbury to rescue Andrea. The entire Prison was clear and The Governor and his group attacked The Prison again, but nobody was inside at all. Rick’s group arrived to Woodbury to try to rescue Andrea, but it was too late as Milton was killed by The Governor hours before and he bit Andrea before she put him down. Everyone waited outside the room as Andrea killed herself by a gunshot.

At the beginning of season 4, everything was calm and quiet at The Prison until the flu breakout began. At the same time this was happening, it was revealed that The Governor abandoned Woodbury and burned most of the town down, and went into hiding. He then meet Tara and Lilly as he stood with them for a few months. The Governor eventually went back to his old ways as he began to plan a takeover of The Prison. He captured Michonne and Hershel, and used them as leverage in order for Rick Grimes to give him The Prison. Rick wanted to work with The Governor, but that was not happening.

The Governor killed Hershel by using Michonne’s sword, and the all out assault begins after The Governor said his iconic “Kill Them All” line. During this battle, Michonne freed herself, and stabbed The Governor through his back with her sword as he was choking Rick. We thought that he would be dead at an instant, but it was Lilly Chamber to kill The Governor after Michonne saved Rick. That moment was the end of the feud.

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