Feuds of the Dead Week 1: Carol vs Alpha

The Walking Dead has had many feuds during it’s first ten seasons. Some are memorable, and some are not so memorable. Whether if the fans liked the feuds or not, they were significant for the major characters, and everyone else surrounding those characters. Last week, I tweeted to everyone what feud of The Walking Dead would they like to see on this weekly miniseries Feuds of the Dead and Rick vs. The Governor was leading the poll, but Carol vs. Alpha won the poll. It is time to revisit the Carol vs. Alpha feud that ran from Season 9, to Season 10.


On season 9, Carol was married to Ezekiel and they adopted Henry as their son. Carol and Ezekiel essentially became the king and queen of The Kingdom for a while. But as their paradise was blooming, the threat of The Whisperers were coming to the communities. The first member of any of the communities to meet their demise was Jesus as it happened at the graveyard. From that time until the fair, every community pact together to stop the threat of The Whisperers after being very disconnected with eachother for a while. At the day of the fair, Alpha infiltrated the fair in disguise and seen some artwork of Carol and Ezekiel as she remarked that she would like to meet “the queen.” Later that night, Daryl, Michonne, Carol, and others were surrounded by Whisperers including Alpha and Beta.

When Alpha appeared, her machete was bloody and she showed Daryl the mega horde. In the morning, that same group seen Alpha’s border with heads on every pike as Alpha lured and beheaded members of each community. The last person to be revealed was Henry and Daryl did not want Carol to look at his severed head. After the winter storm, it is revealed that Carol left the communities as she took a boat to go to the sea during the time between the winter storm, to the season 10 premiere. Carol reuintes with Daryl, Ezekiel, and Connie. Daryl and Carol were catching up while they were alone until they were all interrupted by the satellite crashing down as everyone gathered together to put out the fire. After that, Carol and Alpha had a staredown as Carol was on top of the cliff, and Alpha was far below.


Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

At the first meeting at the same border that they seen the severed heads on those pikes, Alpha was telling Michonne that they are taking more land because she knows that they crossed her border multiple times. Carol was not hearing anything Alpha said since it will cut their hunting area. Alpha wanted Carol to repeat what she said and Alpha also taunted Carol about killing Henry. So Carol shot at Alpha, but Michonne smacked Carol’s gun from her hand away at the moment she pulled the trigger. The tension of this feud is rising at this scene alone. After they retreat, Carol declares that Alpha has to die. It is also here that Carol took medication that had a side effect that gave her hallucinations as she seen the ghost of Henry at an abandoned school while she also seen a shadow figure about to stab her. Daryl checked on her wellbeing at this time.

The feud continued as Alpha is strategically wearing the group out. Carol captured a Whisperer and interrogated him about the location of Alpha’s horde. Carol also tried to use Lydia as leverage to get to Alpha too. But before that, they had a heart to heart conversation before Lydia figured out the plan. The feud picked up again as Alpha lead Carol, Daryl, Magna, Connie, Kelly, Aaron, and Jerry into a trap which was the dark cave that had Alpha’s mega horde which was thousands of walkers. They got out the cave, but Connie and Kelly didn’t. Carol’s obsession of destroying Alpha and her horde also affected the group as Yumiko blamed Carol for all of them being in that cave to begin with. But Carol has a plan and I will get to that now.


Carol also battled alongside with everyone at The Hilltop at the time it was burning down due to the flaming arrows that were shot by The Whisperers during that battle. After The Whisperers won that battle, Carol’s grand plan comes to light. Carol’s plan involved Negan as she not only secretly released him, she made him a promise that if he kills Alpha, she will spread the word to the group and make sure that Negan will have a different view to the communities when she tells them. Carol did this as a backup plan to kill Alpha incase her original plan did not work. Negan did just that by luring Alpha into a shed to make her believe that Lydia is there. Negan rolled Alpha’s head to her feet as it was poetic as Alpha wanted Carol to look down at her and Carol did exactly that except that she is alive, and she is dead. But it was not truly over yet as She asked Negan why did it take so long for him to kill Alpha. Negan told Carol that he needed to get her trust before he could do so. Carol was then taunted by the conscience of Alpha as she would not get out of Carol’s head until Carol got the strength to get over Alpha as she killed a walker while she was trapped under debris. This is where the feud between Carol and Alpha ends.

As Carol got her revenge, she questioned if it was worth it due to what happened during the road to get revenge on Alpha. Revenge stories always have a rough road as they are never sweet and straight forward to just getting revenge of one person or large group. You will lose people along the way and this is what happened to both Carol and Alpha. The difference here, is that Carol cares for her own people and Alpha does not other than Lydia. Carol and Alpha are very strong characters and When these two were first on screen together, I had a feeling that these two would have a showdown on the television show compared to the comic book series since comic book Carol was dead long before Alpha showed up. This feud has been a highlight of season 10 and it is also one of my favorite feuds of the series.

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