The Walking Dead Fans Come Up With Baby Names if Daryl and Connie Had a Child

There are a number of fans of The Walking Dead that would like to see Connie and Daryl Dixon in a relationship. This is due to how organic their chemistry are whenever these two are on screen with eachother. So the question is, if these two were to have a son or daughter, what would be the name of their first child? I went to Twitter to see what the fans think, and here are some of the responses that I would like to share.

DJ would be quite insteresting as it would be similar to RJ. Imagine when they grow up and ask for eachother’s names? That would get a chuckle of a laugh for that moment in a genuine way. I would also want to know what exactly DJ would stand for too.

Girl Dixon or Boy Dixon would fit too because of who Daryl is. I mean, he did name his dog “dog” so this name could happen. I would not personally name my children boy or girl, but Daryl would have to come up with a good reason for that name choice!

Now I like the Hunter name. Especially for when he grows up in the apoclapyse, he will know how to use Daryl’s crossbow when he is at least 10 years old. Or Connie could teach him how to use her weapon as well.

Dannie is something I have not thought of during my whole thought process of this topic. Not only would that be close to Donnie, everyone would relate to the name since it is close to the name that the fans coined for Daryl and Connie’s potential relationship.

This name choice also fits the Daryl character as Boy or Girl. But I would like to know, what happens when Baby turns 20 years old? Would Daryl or Connie have to change his or her name?

This would come first circle for Daryl if he named his son Meryl just like when Maggie named her son Hershel. Plus, I would not think that Meryl jr. would not grow up to become a bad guy especially since Daryl and Connie will have him on the right track.

Donnie would be very meta and I would actually like that. In fact, that would be the ultimate fan service for the fans of their relationship and maybe for the majority of the casual viewers of The Walking Dead. Angela Kang is even hopeful to see these two together so to name their first child Donnie would be the icing on the cake.

What do you think of some of these names? Do you have your own name for their first child?

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