The One Time WWE Used Product Placement The Right Way Worked and Here’s Why

Over the years, WWE has had product placement on television whether if it is Raw, Smackdown, NXT, or even the pay per views. Not only does whatever product that is being shown on television is being seen by millions of viewers worldwide, it will also increase the awareness and interest of the brand that is being showcased on television. There are hits and misses when WWE does this at times. But last weekend at NXT Takeover: In Your House, one of the best uses of product placement on WWE programing happened.

This happened during the backlot brawl match for the NXT Championship between Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream. While they were both brawling by the cars, one car pulls up and the driver asked “did somebody call an Uber?” This moment was so sudden and random and it not only worked, it also fit to the entire scenery of the match. It was also not forced and in your face as many other times WWE has done product placement on their shows.

Don’t get me wrong, The few times that I thought WWE used product placement right were good. The first one I can think of, is at last year’s TLC when KFC had their own table. That also fit the theme of the show as that table that was full of KFC food and products, was destroyed during a match. But the difference between this one, and the Uber product placement, is that it was quick and it was not in your face like the KFC spot.

I think that WWE can do more of this type of product placement without overstaying it’s welcome like this. Do you remember nearly almost a decade ago when there was Mountain Dew on the commentary tables for the whole night and not one of the commentators even cared that it was there? I understand that brands paid for the spot, but if it will not have no use other than just being there, what would be the point then? This one product placement that happened on NXT was far better than the various times WWE used product placement on their main shows for the last decade.

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