Puzzles for the Pandemic & Actress and comedian lliza Shlesinger Partner To Help First Responders & WHO

Actress and comedian Iliza Shlesinger has partnered with Ad Magic‘s PuzzleForThePandemic.com to launch her own puzzle, with part of the proceeds going to help first responders & WHO during this pandemic.

Iliza Shlesinger currently has 5 Netflix specials available to stream. She starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in Spenser Confidential and she recently launched The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, both of which can also be found on Netflix. To help those coping with sheltering in place, she and her husband, chef Noah Galuten, have created Don’t Panic Pantry, a daily cooking show broadcasting live from her home every day at 5pm PST.   

About Ad Magic:

Ever heard of Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Bears vs Babies? Of course you have! The company that prints those ubiquitous card games is Ad Magic. During a time when many business are shuttering their doors, laying off staff and the future is uncertain, Ad Magic is thinking way outside of the gamebox and has pivoted to another incredibly popular past time during the quarantine: puzzles. But no ordinary puzzle — puzzles that can help in the COVID-19 fight.

Puzzles For The Pandemic:

Ad Magic has an innovative new puzzle line using playing cards instead of puzzle pieces. These Playing Card Puzzles can be made from any photo and come in both 54 card and 108 card sizes. The front is a picture puzzle while the back is a traditional deck of cards, offering double the fun. They can also create a customized 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. Anyone can send in a photo and have it made into a puzzle and deck of cards! You can see how it’s done with this Youtube video.

In addition, to help raise money for those fighting COVID-19 – frontline responders and the WHO – Ad Magic has partnered with UTA for PuzzlesforthePandemic.comCelebrities and influencers have their photo made into puzzles that their fans can buy for $20 – $25. A minimum of $5 and maximum of $10 per puzzle is donated to the charity of their choice.

Iliza’s Puzzle:“Spend hours gazing upon Tian Fu and me just as I spend hours staring at her!”

  • Iliza’s puzzle is entitled, “Unrequited Gaze,” a picture of her and her fur baby! 
  • This puzzle is available in: 54 card puzzle, 54 card puzzle with playing card pips, 108-card jumbo puzzle, and 100-piece jigsaw puzzle
  • $5-$10 from each sale of her puzzles will be donated to frontline responders and WHO

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