Top 7 Badass Carol Moments That Will Never Be Forgotten

For the last ten years, Melissa McBride has graced our televisions with her performance as Carol on AMC’s The Walking Dead. We have seen her transformation from the start of the show, to the current season and I must say, her evolution has been a journey with ups and downs that has affected her, and everyone associated with her. There are good moments that I liked from Carol, and I am going to list my favorite badass Carol moments of The Walking Dead!

That time that she burned members of The Saviors

This was a satisfying moment that happened on “The Same Boat” as Carol and Maggie were the heroes of this episode. While they were both being held hostage by Paula (Alicia Witt) and other Saviors, Carol tricked them all to believe that something was wrong with them. This eventually lead to Carol trapping those Saviors in th room after she poured gasoline in that room. What she did next, was that she light her cigarette to burn those Saviors to death. I loved this! And she even burned more Saviors in season 9 after they took her wedding ring. Some of those Saviors were sleeping so they woke up with a rude awakening!

Killing Those Wolves

The Wolves were much different than the comic book series as in the comics, they were called The Scavengers. The Scavengers were killed before they could enter Alexandria in issue #78. On the show, The Wolves sneaked in Alexandria and started to murder members of the Safe Zone. Carol started her killing spree here, and it continued when she disguised herself as one of The Wolves and continued from there. Seeing Carol do this for most of the episode, had me glued to the screen and I will never forget this moment. Also, when will we ever get a Funko Pop of Carol as a Wolf?

Putting Down Ed

The minute I seen Ed for the first time with Carol, I wanted him to go. This was at season 1 at the start of the post apoclapsye world of The Walking Dead as Ed was the bad husband that abuses Carol. When he is near death on the the fifth episode, Carol takes a pikaxe, and smashes Ed’s head until he is no more. Trust me, nobody and I mean NOBODY was feeling sorry for Ed at all as we all felt for Carol at this moment.

Blowing up Terminus

This moment is awesome because not only that Carol saved the group before they were all killed and eaten by the Terminus Hunters by blowing up the place that was planned very well, Think of this, what would have happened if Carol did not show up at Terminus? Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob would have been dead and slaughtered like cattle. The reunion between Carol and Daryl was also great to see as this moment and episode alone, made me look forward to the rest of the season.

Convincing Sam to do her a favor

When the group arrived at Alexandria during the second half of season 5, they were all affected by what they had to endure before meeting Aaron. so trusting them and everyone at Alexandria was going to take time. Carol took this time to befriend Sam. One night at Alexandria, Carol was in the weapons closet getting one of the guns for her to use (Keep in mind that at the time, they all had to turn in their weapons when they arrived). Sam found Carol. When Sam was about to alert his mom, Carol flipped this around to him as she made him a promise that she will make him a lot of cookies if he did not say a word. And if he did tell, a monster would come and get him. Of course, Sam listened! Carol put the fear to him in order for her to not have her cover blown. Smart move!

Telling Andrea to kill The Governor

I have to say this. If Andrea would have listened to Carol and took up on her idea from the start to the finish, then The Governor would be dead, and nobody at The Prison would be dead. Carol flat out told Andrea to kill The Governor in his sleep. When I seen this scene again for the first time in a few years, I thought to myself that Carol is starting to turn around at this time as her potential was really coming out. I know to others, this may not be a “badass” moment. But I thought it was due to the context of why she told Andrea to do it.

Her Attempt on Killing Alpha at The Border

Everything about this scene on this episode was awesome. Especially when Alpha was talking directly to Carol as she kept taunting her about killing Henry. Carol did not want to listen to anything Alpha said as she was not having it. So when Alpha taunted her again, Carol shot at Alpha, but Michonne smacks the gun off her hand as Alpha did not even flinch. This scene showed me that Carol is not scared to take Alpha down and although her plan to use Negan to kill Alpha took long, it is safe to say that her plan worked. I can watch this scene over and over again due to how much tension there was between these two.

I also reached out to the fans of The Walking Dead to see what were their favorite Carol moments. This is what they said.

I also interviewed Melissa Mcbride recently as you can check it out at the link below.

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