Top 10 Unique Yu-Gi-Oh Card Effects

There are thousands of Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are currently in print. Of those thousands, there are a few hundred cards that have unique effects that happens at a particular situation. These 10 cards that I placed on this list are examples of that.

10. Exchange (Normal Spell Card)

Exchange is the oldest card on this list and it is one of the first that targeted both players at the same time. Being able to use one card in your opponent’s hand as your own at the time was a blessing and it could also disrupt your opponent’s strategies. However, the same could be also said to yourself as well.

9. Parasite Paracide (Flip-Effect Monster)

This card’s unique effect triggers the moment that you flip this card from the face-down position. When that happens, you have to place this card in your opponent’s deck and when he draws the card, your opponent will take 1000 points of damage and it will be placed on their side of the field. Then, all of their monsters will be insect type of monsters. There are much more ways now to bring this card to the top of your opponent’s deck much more quicker now and infecting your opponent’s side of the field with this one card would be a huge advantage for yourself if you have cards that prevents your opponent’s insect monsters to attack or use their effects.

8. Relay Soul (Trap Card)

Relay Soul is a gift and a curse. The gift is, you can special summon any monster from your hand as long as the conditions are met and you will take no damage as long as Relay Soul is on the field. The curse, is that if Relay Soul leaves the field, your opponent will win the duel. This card is very risky to play so you should only use it as a last resort. Interestingly enough, the anime version of this card needs to be activated when your life points reach 0.

7. Convulsion of Nature (Continuous Spell Card)

The effect of Convulsion of Nature may not seem like it is a big deal, but like older cards in the past, they eventually became better when more support cards were printed. The effect of this cards allows both players to turn their decks upside down and continue with the current duel. The biggest advantage here for both players is that they can see what cards are being drawn next.

6. Centerfrog (Effect Monster)

Imagine being able to control every monster your opponent controls? You can do that with Centerfrog. In order to do that, you must place two Centerfrog cards on your opponent’s unoccupied monster zones. When the two are there, you gain control of each monster that are in between those two Centerfrog cards. Monster zone locations never really mattered before the introduction of Link Summoning and when used correctly, Centerfrog could be a dangerous card.

5. Question (Normal Spell Card)

This is by far, the only card to temporary shut down a game mechanic by preventing your opponent of checking the graveyard when Question is activated. Your opponent must guess the first monster on the bottom of the graveyard and if their guess is correct, that monster is banished. If it is wrong, then the player that activated Question can special summon the monster. Your opponent will need to have good memory skills to remember which card is first in your graveyard especially when the graveyard starts piling up.

4. Transmission Gear (Trap Card)

The rock-paper-scissors game usually starts before the duel begins to decide who goes first. But for this situational card, it is to decide which of the two monsters that battled would be banished. If those two would be the only two monsters on the field, then one player would go for a direct attack after this card is played.

3. Pyro Clock of Destiny (Trap Card)

A very useful card that will change the turn count forward by one turn. That is very effective to other cards that have turn counts such as Swords of Revealing Light and Final Countdown. If you had three of these cards in your deck, you can potentially move up the turn count to three turns in one duel.

2. Yu-Jo Friendship (Spell Card)

Yu-Jo friendship is the first card that requires physical interraction between the two players. However, when this card is played in tournaments, there is a certain house rule where the physical handshake is just a word instead of actually doing it.

Pole Position (Continuous Trap Card)

This card is so unique and so broken, that it cannot be added on any of the video games. This is due to the fact that many of the same monsters could have the same attack point number due to other cards on the field that either increase or decrease attack points. Pole Position’s effect could go on forever without a single phase within a turn ending and when that happens, infinite loops could be created.

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