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It’s time to Duel, and it’s time for something different in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG). Whether you’re looking for all-new strategies or a second chance at some of the season’s biggest cards, you’ll find what you’re looking for this Fall! Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI) is proud to present three releases just in time for the holidays. First, a new special booster debuts a trio of new themes from the cutting edge of Dueling! From there you’ll return to one of the year’s most ‘Impact-ful’ releases in a new Special Edition, and then you’re invited to one of the greatest chapters in animated Dueling history with the latest Speed Duel expansion.

Mystic Fighters presents three new strategies in an all-foil booster, from the calculated and the cataclysmic, to the beautiful and the bizarre. Tilt the numbers in your favor with “Mathmech” monsters: a deadly Cyberse theme that adds to your field, multiplies your attack, and subtracts your opponent’s defenses to make giant combos. The Mathmechs’ signature Synchro Monster wields 3000 Attack Points, and it’s immune to card effects when it’s in your Extra Monster Zone! It even deals double battle damage and combines with the other Mathmechs to make one-shot wins. And if you need to soften up your opponent first, just stack three Level 4’s and Summon the Mathmechs’ most powerful Xyz Monster! With 3 removal effects and a protection ability that shields your forces.

Looking for a more elegant approach? Enter the Dragonmaids! Cute and courteous as they construct combos in the Main Phase, these transformative tricksters tag out in battle, going from housecleaners to cleaning house! When it’s time to get serious these maids morph into massive Dragons, and when the fight’s over they change back to cordial companions. The Dragonmaids don’t just deliver service with a smile; they deliver beatdowns with grace and style!

Mystic Fighters

Then get ready for the Generaider Bosses: an elite group of six Level 9 champions! Played separately, each Generaider leads their own monster Type, like Wyrms, Warriors, Plants, Zombies and Machines. But they can also work together to unleash an incredible Rank 9 Xyz, a deadly threat that filters through your Deck while building its Attack Points. With new themes, powerful reprints and fan-favorite support cards, there’s something for everyone in Mystic Fighters

Mystic Fighters hits on November 22 with 60 cards: 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares. MSRP: $3.99 Per 5-Card Pack.

Prepare for the last Dueling deal of December, the Chaos Impact Special Edition box! Chaos Impact introduced new monsters and a tidal wave of support for the ocean-borne Marincess theme, while the Tenyi tribe got another “Tenyi Spirit” and a giant new Synchro Monster. Duelists also got a first glimpse of the Unchained, a sinister circle of self-sacrificing assailants that destroy one another to Summon more powerful attackers, devouring your opponent’s cards along the way.

All the old-school hits from Chaos Impact are back as well, from Galaxy monsters and Gladiator Beasts to Watts and World Legacy. Dinowrestlers and Dragons? Check. Starliege and Salamangreats? Present and accounted for. Even the Evoltiles and the Evil Eye are back! Lots of fan-favorites returned in Chaos Impact, and now’s your chance to snag the ones you missed. Don’t forget Dream Mirror! Oneiros, the Dream Mirror Erlking debuted as the theme’s first boss monster, destroying cards whenever you reverse the fate of one of your “Dream Mirror” minions. Erupting onto the field from Dream Mirror of Chaos, Oneiros makes his encore appearance in Chaos Impact Special Edition.

Every Special Edition box also comes with 2 of 4 Super Rare variant cards, including some that work to power up the new themes from Mystic FightersDragonmaid Send-Off is a Quick-Play Spell Card that helps you rally your maids to the field, and it can trigger the destruction ability of the Dragonmaid boss monster! You could also find Armory Call, a new Trap Card that lets you search your Deck for an Equip Spell and then keep it, or immediately equip it to one of your monsters. It’s great for the followers of the Evil Eye or the new Mathmechs! Both cards appear in Ignition Assault, but you can get yours early in the Chaos Impact Special Edition.

But the real prize in Chaos Impact Special Edition are two brand-new Link Monsters for older Decks. Scrap Wyvern does what Scrap monsters do best: Summon and destroy! You can also power up your Six Samurai Deck with the new Battle Shogun of the Six Samurai, who can search your Deck, generate Bushido Counters, and gains ATK for every Bushido Counter that your honorable Warriors have brought you.

Chaos Impact Special Edition

Chaos Impact Special Edition hits on December 6. Each Special Edition Box includes 2 of 4 Super Rare variant cards and 3 Chaos Impact booster packs. MSRP: $9.99 Per Box.

Want another blast from the past? Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom packs 5 brand-new Skill Cards and 45 cards new to the Speed Duel format. Inspired by the Duelist Kingdom tournament from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!animated series, Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom unites a cast of storied rivals and some of their most famous cards, bringing old feuds into the modern era.

Bonz is back, this time channeling the power of Zombie Master through any Zombie you control with his new Skill Card! Select your undead vassal and make it a master of the dark arts, reviving any Level 4 Zombie from your Graveyard. Mako Tsunami also returns to rule the seas, unleashing the secrets of the legendary King of the Ocean, Kairyu-Shin! In its first TCG appearance, Kairyu-Shin combines with Mako’s new Skill Card to protect your WATER monsters from Trap Cards and gets you extra draws if it leaves the field. Finally, Duelists who seek to surpass the wiles of Weevil Underwood can capture the Cocoon of Ultra Evolution, a new Skill Card that turns any equipped Insect into a bugged-out behemoth!

Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom

Muster the gang with Don Zaloog and dominate your opponent’s hand! Delve into the depths of your own Graveyard and recover a Fish, Sea Serpent or Aqua monster with Surface! Turn the tables on your opponent with Time Machine, reversing the Duel to return your defeated monster to the field! And for the first time ever in the Speed Duel format, get ready to cast Black Magic Ritual and Summon the iconic Magician of Black Chaos

Duelists can get a preview of Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom at the first-ever Speed Duel Sneak Peek scheduled for November 30 and/or December 1 at participating Official Tournament Stores. Duelists can get their hands on new Speed Duel-branded Game Mats, packs of Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom, and more! Check this page for more information and a list of participating locations: https://www.yugioh-card.com/en/speedduel/.

Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom roars into stores alongside Chaos Impact Special Edition on December 6, with 45 cards new to Speed Dueling plus 5 all-new Skill Cards: 34 Commons, 8 Super Rares and 8 Ultra Rares. MSRP: $1.49 Per 4-Card Pack.

Every Saturday and Sunday, Duelists can now watch a new episode of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, on Teletoon in Canada – check local listings for times. Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is available subtitled on Crunchyroll and will be simulcast with a new episode available one hour after it is broadcast in Japan, at 6:25AM EST (Simulcast currently available in the US and Latin America). Watch here:http://www.crunchyroll.com/yu-gi-oh-vrains!

In addition, all-new Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes every Tuesday as well as all of classic Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s can be seen on www.yugioh.com in the United States. In Canada, Duelists can watch episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V every Friday and Saturday on Teletoon! For more information on KONAMI or the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAMEplease visit www.yugioh-card.com or call 310-220-8630 to speak directly with a Yu-Gi-Oh! customer support team member.

About The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is the #1 trading card game in the world with over 25 billion cards sold. It is a game of strategy, where players create individual Decks of cards collected from Structure Decks and Booster Packs. Two players engage in a Duel while using cards that represent powerful monsters, magical Spells and surprising Traps. Duelists with well-constructed Decks, dominating monsters, solid strategy and good fortune are the victors in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is the exclusive licensee and rights holder to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in North America and Latin America.


KONAMI is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties and traditional trading card games. KONAMI’s software titles include the popular franchises METAL GEAR SOLID, Silent Hill, DanceDanceRevolution and Castlevania, among other top sellers. KONAMI is also the manufacturer of the wildly popular Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, which has sold more than 25 billion cards worldwide. The latest information about KONAMI can be found on the Web at www.konami.com. KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiaries, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the United States and Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. in Windsor, the United Kingdom. Details of the products published by KONAMI can be found at www.konami.com.

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