Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Preview (Non Spoiler)

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Lennie James as Morgan JonesĀ – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear The Walking Dead will return in the next few weeks for their fifth season and with the mixed reception of the fourth season, You will be glad to know that this season is a fresh breath of air over the previous season. I seen the first four episodes of the fifth season thanks to AMC Network and I must say, I am gladly impressed. You will think that the producers did not learn from their mistakes from the last season if you were going into this season with that thought, but your mind will change after the first episode. Without me going along any further, here is my non spoiler impressions of the first four episodes of the fifth season of Fear The Walking Dead.

The first episode of the season starts with the action right away after the first few minutes and there were moments where a few of the characters were in life or death situations especially when I thought that one particular character was going to die after seeing what happened to that character. There are new characters that are introduced as well, but their motivations are not quite clear yet. Morgan and Alicia are my favorite two of this episode as Morgan is the person of reason more than ever on this show. I also love that Alicia is still grieving from Madison and Nick’s death in the previous season. They are also in constant contact with the other characters during the episode such as Strand and Charlie but I will leave it there for now until my review. John and June is also quickly becoming my favorite couple on the show as their chemistry levels Glenn and Maggie’s relationship on the main show The Walking Dead. Althea is on her investigative mode during the episode, and there are also cool easter eggs and callbacks to the main show that I noticed as well. The ending of the first episode will have everyone talking as I was stunned to see it when I first seen it and I mean this in a good way.

I will not get too much into the second episode’s main plot since it would be in huge spoiler territory, but the reunion of two characters will not be a loving, sweet reunion at all as things from the past will be bought up. Another thing I will note is that another new character is introduced, but it also revolves around the central plot of the episode. But this new character also has a head scratching moment involving walkers and Alicia that might make you scream at the television for a few seconds.

The third episode is so far my favorite episode of the season so far and it is because of the setting and we have a lot of John and June and another character. John really showed off his badass revolver shooting skills during the epiosde and it was satisfying to see that he has been given more development so far this season. There is also a very cool and smart walker kill scene involving John and another character and that will go down as one of the best scenes of the entire season. I also believe that the setting this scene and most of the episode takes place was fitted for John and June. By the end of the episode, you will realize that nobody is trusted.

And finally, the fourth episode directly connects with the second episode along with the plot of the end of the third episode moving forward. Remember Goose from Captain Marvel? that cat is lovable and the cat on this show will be as loveable as Goose. Although I am puzzled to why Charlie is still alive since she killed Nick, she is quite resourceful during this episode in a few ways. Charlie is also the voice of reason in one particular scene later during the episode. The group also learns more of Morgan in this episode and a few names are mentioned when he was describing his past. The only other thing I will say is that the ending of this episode is almost similar to the first episode and the new characters are aware of a particular group.

My thoughts of the season so far, a massive improvement over the previous season and I can tell that the writers and producers realized the split feedback from the previous season and wanted to fix it for this season. This season so far connects to the main show greater than ever. However, I can also see it being called out on in the vocal minority due to those decisions. But I think that the payoff will be worth it down the line. There are a few scenes that slows down the episodes, but it does not feel like it is dragging at all since I am invested in the characters. Austin Amelio who plays as Dwight will be in this season, but you will have to guess which episode of the four he will make his debut as I cannot spoil it at all and I want everyone to be as surprised as I was when I seen his debut along with a few more moments I wish I can describe. If you have tuned out during season four, this season will tune you right back in.

Fear The Walking Dead returns on June 2nd on AMC Network and my review of the first episode will be up on that day as well!

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