Tribeca Film Festival 2019-Scottie Thompson Interview

Scottie Thompson is here this week at the Tribeca Film Festival promoting the upcoming film Crown Vic. She plays the character Claire and the movie is about a veteran LAPD police officer being tasked with training a very young rookie cop as the two cops chase down two cop killers in an action packed thriller. The movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this week and so far, the reception of the film has been greatly positive. The movie itself is not the normal buddy cop movie as it is greatly acted and it made the viewers take it seriously.

I got the chance to interview one of the stars of the movie Scottie Thompson (Who has also appeared in Star Trek, 12 Monkeys, The Blacklist, NCIS) as we talked about her role in the film along with stories meeting fans, her time on 12 monkeys, a discussion about New York and Los Angeles, and her future projects. All in all, It was great meeting her for the first time this week and I am looking forward to the film.

I have attached the audio of the interview below this so you can listen. Enjoy!

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