The Walking Dead Season 9, Episode 15 “The Calm Before” Review

The season is ending very soon and I will have to say that the ninth season of The Walking Dead has brought on more tears and sadness than any other season. From the major departures of Rick Grimes, Maggie Rhee, and Jesus, there were moments that made us miss the characters even more. But at the same time, the supporting cast has grown to bigger stories along with new characters on the scene. Tonight, we got a major comic book moment that I was looking forward to for four years. Did it deliver? We will see. Here is my review of “The Calm Before.

The fair is underway at The Kingdom and it was funny to see Eugene on the dunking booth. Like literally, that fits his situation. Luke is also preparing a concert during the fair, Henry and Lydia try to get to know each other more, and other festivities as well. Ezekiel did a big speech with everyone gathered and he wanted all of the communities gathered in one to celebrate (I still miss Shiva as there was also a paper statue made for the fallen tiger) and that Rick, Carl, and Jesus would have loved to see what the communities have become. The movie that a number of people were watching was an animated movie and while that is going on, many other activities take place such as carnival games, barbecue, and everyone having fun. Michonne also talked with Tara about wanting Alexandria to be part of the community trade again. They all agreed and signed the declaration that Ezekiel kept over the years. I also liked Ozzy during this episode as he has become very charismatic but we will get to him soon. Some of the members of the group go outside The Kingdom to protect the area from The Whisperers.

Connie and Kelly talked (in sign language) about why Connie was not there as she told Kelly that she had no choice since the baby was about to be eaten alive. They embraced and hugged since you will never know when anyone could die at this point.

Michonne and Siddiq are talking about protecting The Hilltop and as that happens, Jerry and Judith are playing with the other two kids. I thought that was a cute scene to see them play like normal kids with an adult. As we see the groups leave the fair, i get the same vibe as the time when the group left before The Saviors intercepted them a few seasons ago.

While that happens, Alpha, in disguise infiltrates the fair and because Alexandria was away from the communities for so long, nobody reconizes her at all. Ezekiel and her did have a short conversation, but he does not feel suspicious at all about her. also, another group, consisting of Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko venture out as well until Alpha and the rest of The Whisperers captures them and circles them around after they all killed incoming walkers. This scene gave off the same vibe as Last Day on Earth did when The Saviors surrounded the group.

Alpha proceeded to berate them for the way that they live as she thinks it is a joke and that they are just living a lie (Also, how in the hell did Beta escape the elevator shaft??). Alpha also stares down at Carol and we know for sure that the fans want a showdown between those two. Alpha also took Daryl with her to show him the very massive ultra mega herd that she has and if they ever crossed paths again, she will destroy all of their communites with the herd. Can I also add that Lydia does not want to go back with Alpha after a third attempt? She could have done this the entire time.

Alpha soon releases the four of them and she told Daryl that they will see a “final warning” on their way back. On their way back, they see a border and what is that border you ask? It is the heads on pikes scene brought to life from issue #144. The people who got killed and put their heads on pikes are Ozzy, Ozzy’s second in command, DJ, Frankie, Tammy Rose, Addy, Rodney, and with the final three being the biggest, Tara, Henry, and Enid. Daryl did not want Carol to look at the heads and It was also shown that Siddiq was about to be slain too but Alpha had changed her crazy mind. But Carol took these loses the most, and the way it was revealed is exactly like the comic as the characters were looking for the slain victim and then it showed the slain victim on the next shot. However, of all people to give the speech, it had to be Siddiq when the memorial happened at the end of the episode. But his speech was also impactful since they showed a montage of the slain victims trying to fight back The Whisperers before their demise while he was talking.

As great as this episode is, I can see how this will baffle fans with a disappointing reveal of the pike victims. But once you go passed the names, you will see the emotional impact it has put on the communities when the bad news is delivered. In fact, this episode begins with a very happy mood, to a danger mood, and finally a very bad mood. Alpha finally showed it to the group that she is not an easy threat at all. I also loved the performances by Melissa McBribe, Samantha Morton, and Avi Nash in this episode as they are the stars of this episode. Next week is the season finale and I cannot wait!

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