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Tales of The Rockabilly Rambler is a full color, 48 page anthology starring The King himself as you’ve never seen him before!
Artist and publisher Aaron Allen was visiting Graceland with his wife when he came upon a display chronicling Elvis’ fascination with Law Enforcement. Standing there staring at all that police ephemera and the beautiful turquoise handled colt 45 he was inspired. What if Elvis had pursued that life? Why not create short fictional stories of his time as a police officer; better yet a police officer in space, or any adventure through the multiverse: western, noir, pirates, intergalactic travel, espionage, horror?
Aaron began to put together teams of creators and the project started to gain momentum. In the end he had 9 writers and 9 artists working on 9 stories and over the next year the book began to take shape. The result is a rollicking ride through what was, what might have been, and what never was. We think we have a book that will entertain, excite, and inspire. We really think you’ll dig it.


Tales of The Rockabilly Rambler
Publisher: 48 Hour Comic Project / Zipatone Classics
Full Color / Hard Cover
48 pages
With stories from:
Aaron Allen and Chuck Suffel – Sing Songs ‘n Right Wrongs
Zap Farmer and Dominic Velando – Drugs Squad
Aaron Allen and Jeff Aldrich – Parks and Wreck
Genevieve Trainor and JA Allen – Return of the King
Ryan Morrow and Joseba Morales – Four Kings
Larry Quiggins and Dominic Velando – Now or Never
Robert Stevenson and Patrick Buermeyer – Devil in Disguise
Santi Guillen and Chuck Suffel – Killer Elvis
JA Allen – Sea Monster Sue

With pin up art by David Davies
Edited by Genevieve Trainor
And Lettering by JA Allen

Cover by Bob McLeod
Who is The 48 Hour Comic Project?
The 48 Hour Comic Project is a crazy and sleepless weekend in which a writer and artist create a comic book- write, illustrate, color, and publish- in just 48 hours! Since this project will be our last issue, we wanted to go beyond the 48hr parameters and take our time to create something special. To really go out with a bang!
Aaron Allen is an illustrator who has been featured by Cryptozoic Entertainment, Rittenhouse Archives, Marvel, DC, One Squared Studios, Twomorrow Press, Alter Ego, Four Color Eulogy, Unabashed Media, just to name a few. He is currently the creator and editor of Zipatone Classics, a 48 Hour Comic Project.

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