The Real Ghostbusters Mission Packs from PLAYMOBIL

Busting out onto store shelves in April is PLAYMOBIL The Real Ghostbusters Mission Packs. Styled after the popular cartoon series, “The Real Ghostbusters”, each Ghostbusters figure is equipped with ghostbusting gear.
  • Venkman with Helicopter – Fly to the rescue with Venkman with Helicopter. Use the functioning water cannon to spray ‘slime’ at your ghostly target.
  • Spengler with Cage Car – Ride along with Spengler with Cage Car. Use the removable ‘slime’ disc shooter and fold down the car’s front grill for protection.
  • Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter – Take the ghostbusting action to he water with Zedeemore with Aqua Scooter. Use the functioning ‘slime’ dart cannons and place the ghostly octopus in warm water to watch it change colors or use the tentacle grips to connect it to different surfaces.
  • Stantz with Skybike – Better call Stantz with Skybike! Equipped with four projectile ‘slime’ darts, use the bike to store all necessary mission gear and fold up the side wings for flight mode.

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