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New Fingerlings Baby Dragons bring you good luck and friendship at your fingertips. These friendly baby dragons will get you all fired up with their interactive responses to sound, motion and touch. See how they react when you swing them, pet them, rock them, startle them with noises or hang them upside down! Their movements, sounds and adorable blinking eyes are sure to leave you under their mythical spell. Collect them all for fiery fun. The cutest band of dragons ever! MSRP $14.99ea 5+ Exclusively at Wal-Mart 8/24 then additional retailers in October

Fingerlings HUGS(TM)

Meet Fingerlings® HUGS™ – they’re softies when it comes to affection! Their long arms are perfect for big hugs and these cuddle monkeys never want to let you go! Swing them, pet them, and rock them to sleep, or give them a kiss and watch them kiss you back!! Record what you say and watch them repeat in funny ways…then toss and twist them in the air for a silly remix!

Available in Bella (Pink) and Boris (Blue) 4+ MSRP $29.99ea launches late summer/fall at retailers nationwide

Fingerlings Mackenzie Unicorn w/Light-Up Color Changing Horn

Mackenzie the Fingerlings Unicorn loves to grab onto things… especially your fingers! This unique little pet has a special unicorn horn that lights up and cycles through a variety of colors! With iridescent sparkles on her arms and legs, Mackenzie loves to shimmer and shine! She also responds to you with special unicorn sounds in response to noise, motion & touch, and will let you know how she feels with her adorable, blinking eyes and head turns. You’ll get different reactions if you pet her, rock her to sleep, or hold her upside down. If you blow your unicorn a kiss, she will kiss you right back! You can also brush her soft mane and tail. Magical friendship at your fingertips! 5+ MSRP $19.99 launches July 16th on Amazon Prime Day

Fingerlings BFFs

These Fingerlings monkey are Best Friends Forever! Each Fingerlings baby monkey in the BFF series ships with a mini monkey friend that can hang onto their tail or your pencil. Fingerlings are adorable baby animals that are curious about the world around them—starting with you! These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble! These dynamic duos come in a variety of colours – adopt them all and have even more fun monkeying around! 5+ Available now wherever toys are sold. 5+ MSRP $14.99ea available July at retailers nationwide

Fingerlings MINIS

Get ready for some miniature fun, the ultimate hangable collectible is swinging your way! Fingerlings Minis are the cutest little additions to their bigger Fingerlings Friends. Each blind bag comes with a surprise miniature Monkey, Unicorn or Sloth, plus a bonus mix & match bracelet and mini tail charm. The 1st series (36) includes popular, rare, legendary, and ultra-rare figures! Collect them, trade them, and wear them on your wrist or even top your pencils! 5+ MSRP $2.99ea (Blind Bag) $7.99 3-Pack Available at Wal-Mart and additional retailers nationwide


Meet the Untamed T-Rex’s by Fingerlings! These finger-gripping “King of the Dinos” creatures are fierce and unpredictable, and know Friends vs. Foes! In Untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In Tame mode they nuzzle, purr and love to be near you. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these interactive dinos react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations. 4 different T-Rex’s to tame and collect! 5+ MSRP $14.99ea launches on Ferocious Friday 8/3 at retailers nationwide


It’s the Party Game that Stinks! What’s That Smell is the hilariously fragrant new guessing game that will throw your sense of smell into overdrive. Guess the scents correctly to outrank your family and friends or suffer the stinky consequences of the Whiff of Shame! Download the companion app and capture it all on your ReekCam. Game includes 48 Mystery Whiff Cards, 4 Stank Cards & scent-barrier bags, 6 cardholders, Whiff Strips, scorepad and instructions. Let the nostril flaring begin! 14+ MSRP $19.99 launches 7/16 on Amazon Prime Day, additional retailers in August

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