SDCC 2018: Bumblebee and his Japanese cassette tapes

Transformers exclusives from Hasbro for San Diego Comic Con this year. And yes, of course it’s a Bumblebee. This Bee is a Classic Camaro, done with a special metallic gold-look finish in packaging made to resemble a cassette tape. Why, you ask? To suit the “real” stars of the set, reissues of two very rare vintage, Japanese G1 cassette Transformers! Yes, this exclusive includes reissues for the first time of Dairu and Zauru (apparently renamed Uruaz here), two dinosaur cassettes from Japan’s The Headmasters line, which could combine together to form a humanoid robot. The reissue cassettes aren’t exactly identical to the originals in color, especially for Uruaz/Zauru, but we expect collectors who hold these rarities in high esteem might not mind so much, given the chance to own them for just $60.

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