Playmates Voltron 84 review

I guess I should really quickly explain what Voltron is, just in case you stumbled upon this article. Voltron: Defender of the Universe was an animated television series that featured a team of space explorers who piloted a giant robot known as “Voltron.” The series was initially produced as a joint venture between World Events Productions and Toei Animation. The original television series aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985. The first season of Voltron, featuring the “Lion Force Voltron,” was adapted from the Japanese anime television series Beast King GoLion. Now that you know, let’s talk about these figures! Playmates 100% delivered on the goods with their Voltron ’84 lions. We were sent two of the iconic lions, the legendary Green Lion:


And the amazing legendary Yellow Lion:

These figures are not just reminiscent of the orignal diecast lions:

but also have a bit of the Panosh Place lions as well:

These figures come fully loaded for battle. And with the simple edition of a locking system for the weapons that go inside the lions’ mouths it really helps to make these toys feel like something special. The accessories are exactly what they should be. Each lion had a unique weapon and fit the overall design. I guess the only real con I find with this set is that they aren’t diecast metal. Being a fan who grew up with the diecast metal lion set as a child, you really want them to be like you remembered. But honestly you would never pay the price for a full diecast set (at retail). So for the price, overall design and for the sheer size this is to me the definitive Voltron set! We 100% recommend you buying the whole set and enjoying the nostalgia, but enjoy the playability and construction of this new lions as well.

Voltron Classic ’84 Legendary Lion Collection Overview: Combine all five Classic Legendary Lions to form a fully-articulated 16″ Classic Voltron figure with a chest that lights up and unlock over 60 sounds from the original 1984 show! Each lion is fully articulated, with the Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow Lions including jaw blades and projectile firing battle accessories. Also, the Red Lion comes with Voltron’s sword and the Green Lion comes with Voltron’s shield. The Classic Legendary Black Lion has electronic lights and features over a dozen phrases and sound effects from the original 1984 show. Unlock the Black Lion’s 60+ sounds by assembling the 16″ Classic Voltron figure. The Black Lion transforms into the head and body of Voltron, while the four other Classic Legendary Lions transform and combine to form Voltron’s arms and legs. Recommended Age: 4+ MSRP: $17.99 each for the Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Classic Legendary Lions $29.99 for the Black Classic Legendary Lion.


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