Tonner Doll gives us an update on their Wonder Woman doll

Dear Friends and Collectors! We began development of our version of Wonder Woman 2017 on August 12, 2016. To many of you (and you’ve been very patient) that may seem unbelievable but it’s real. Creating a licensed product of such a notable character in the detailed manner we’ve pursued does take a very… long…. time. So, without great fanfare, I’m able to give you actual shipping information. The product is due to air ship from Hong Kong this week and should begin shipping from our warehouse in Pennsylvania beginning the week of January 29th. Other than stands and the sword and shield accessory packs the product is completely sold out. But we will be showing some new Wonder Woman items at Toyfair in February, so if you missed this version you’ll have plenty of opportunity coming up.

Part of the development delay was due to the engineering and molding of a totally new body we’re using for this Wonder Woman doll. I believe it’s one of my best, if not the best, body sculpt I’ve ever done and hope you feel the same. I really want to say thank you for your patience and support during all of 2017 (and the first twelfth of 2018!) while you’ve waited for this line to happen. It’s done, you’ll have it soon!

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