TEDCO Toys Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary of the Original Gyroscope

Hagerstown, IN  June 1, 2017 – TEDCO Toys, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of science and educational toys, is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of their Original Gyroscope.

The Original Gyroscope dates back to 1917, making it the oldest American-made gyroscope manufactured by a family-owned business in existence today. For over 70 years the Chandler Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, produced and sold literally tens of thousands of gyroscopes. In 1982, TEDCO Toys purchased the Chandler Company. Since then, the toy line has expanded and sales are now global.

TEDCO Toys is a small company with a big heart. In addition to the Original Gyroscope, TEDCO manufactures the Gyroscope Twin Pack, Gyroscope Nostalgic Pack, Precision Gyroscope and Gravitron. All gyroscopes are manufactured from USA-made components in the company’s manufacturing facility in Hagerstown, Indiana, the heart of America where outstanding quality still counts. TEDCO’s Original Gyroscope won the Parents’ Choice Award by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.

The Original Gyroscope was used in the NASA Toys in Space program, with Dr. Rhea Seddon showing the effects of zero gravity on the gyroscope while in space. Steve Jobs used TEDCO’s Original Gyroscope in his Apple iPhone 4 presentation on June 7, 2010, because the iPhone 4 incorporated gyroscopic technology for user-friendly features.

A truly classic toy, the TEDCO Toys Original Gyroscope is now thrilling its third generation of science lovers. Captivated by its ability to spin on a string or the tip of a pencil without falling over, children ask, “how does it do that” and then quickly set out to master all the tricks themselves.

TEDCO also manufactures Light Crystal Prisms, the Original Pet Tornado and Blocks and Marbles sets, in addition to distributing a large collection of science kits and educational toys. TEDCO’s Pet Tornado was named one of the top ten science toys for kids for 2012-13 by Squidoo.

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