​Boogie boards ewriters: review

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

Handwritten items and documents, at one time, was the stuff of legend, but now it’s almost a lost art. The ability to write has trickled down to basic print and almost at that level seems overtly caveman-esque. (If you have seen what my penmanship and hand signature currently look like, you would understand why).

The Jot 4.5 e writer

Some believe it’s the advancement of technology, the advent of texting, and using computers that has declined our ability to write well. I also believe it has a strong factor only because the less you do anything the worse you become at it after time.

This is where Boogie boards Scribble n’ Play Featuring Colorburst™ and Jot 4.5 e writer come into play. Their ever reusable screens feels like a tablet but are not too straining on the eyes at all. This makes these boards easy to use, making them engaging for young children. In the long run, this will help them build that core strength in their fingers to enable them to write better.

After we gave our 5 year old the Jot to help her practice writing her letters and numbers, in a short time her penmanship increased 10 fold. Also, its design is easy for young hands to hold, which helps out a lot.

These boards can be simply used as scratch paper and/or playing great old fashion games like hangman. 

The Scribble and Play’s Colorburst feature also brings out the creative side with a rainbow of colors at the touch of the screen. This really makes the product something kids and adults alike will want to always use. 
Boogie Boards are something every household needs and, with the holiday season upon us, will make an excellent and useful gift under the tree.

From the press release:

Available in a multitude of global retail markets, Boogie Boards have become ubiquitous when it comes to electronic writing with the most natural feel of handwriting.  

Seemingly “old school,” the Boogie Board technology was originally conceived in 1993 by two scientists; Professor Bill Doane of the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University and William Manning of Manning and Napier, Rochester New York.  After years of development, and more than 50 patents, these two experts were able to bring this unique cholesteric display technology product to life for everyday consumers.
Today, the Professor’s emphasis on the importance of traditional handwriting in the digital age for learning, “relearning”, improved memory, reading comprehension and overall cognitive development purposes is supported by researchers worldwide.  In fact several recent studies have cited that handwriting can actually make you smarter. 
Boogie Board proudly exclusively manufactures its LCD screens right here in the United States; with products available nationwide at most major retailers at a very affordable price.  
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