Who survived the survivor series?

In all honesty… the fans but just barely. In what was suppose to be one of the last big “event”shows of the year ended up reeking of Vince’s last minute booking changes.

The show started off at 6pm eastern time with an hour pre-show which featured Absouletly forgettable matches.  

The round table format (to me) has run its course. It’s time to interject new life into the preshow maybe interviews and unique video segments (not like Broken Matt Hardy) but something you would see done on Sunday Night football.
Survivor Series was always one of my favorite PPV to watch, with that unique spectacle of so many “teams” fighting each other it was sure to be a fire bed of action and suspense.At the very least  you were sure to enjoy a great brawl somewhere down the line up.

Unfortunately these past few years have been very lackluster as have most PPV’s in general. (yet,to Vince I’m a cycnical smark adult fan who supposedly isn’t the “Key demographic” for buy rates and subscriptions) I understand it is extremely tough to put together a big hit show every month but try to trust your talent and feel the pulse of the fanbase.

The highlight I was most waiting for was Raw vs Smackdown women’s division to finally have the four Horsewomen in the ring again. (we know how well that all turned out)

Also, having no Canadian wrestler come out on top really was a smack to the local fans collective faces.

Miz vs Sami was a great match but Vince really thinks its funny to keep rehashing the Montreal screwjob.

As promising as most of the line up seemed to be it all fell flat with bad endings and weird eliminations.

The cruiserweight match was dry and not very fulfilling.I feel they are missing the true point of the Cruiserweights. These matches should honestly be spot fests.

Then we get to the “Main attraction” Brock vs Goldberg.

Reports from the wrestling observer:
Goldberg dominate him last night in order for him to go over strong. There was also a decision made internally to keep the match short because Goldberg was not in the best of shape in time for his match and had a nagging shoulder injury which the company did not want to risk aggravating further. It was felt having a short match in the fashion it went down would shock viewers and leave them talking.

Knowing how well NXT is doing it feels shortsighted not to trust your talent and allow them to give you the matches the fans pay to see.

The match of the night was Raw vs Smackdown and it was well put together due to the talent in the ring. Why not just have AJ vs KO already?

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