31 days of Halloween: Walker Stalker Con

We got the chance to Cover Walker Stalker Con and it was an great experience. The Show Featured an A 30 minute full-throttle immersive attraction that drops you straight into the chaotic and terrifying world of the Walking Dead. Experienced in small (7 person) audience groups, Chapter 1 sends you on an adventure through the edge of a small town on the night the outbreak hit – the night zombies began their rampage and the social order began to unravel. This is called The Walking Dead Experience.

Also during the show, there were many attendees that were dressed up as either the Television Show/Comic characters, or Zombies and i even took an picture of me doing the Negan’s Lineup as it was seen on the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead

The Actors were also there to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk in panels. The Panels we went to had featured Chad Colemam, Iron E. Singleton, and Laurie Holden. I was also lucky to snap an picture of Austin Amellio (Dwight from The Walking Dead).

Overall, it was an great show and i would gladly cover it again

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Julian Cannon

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