Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series IX-A Tale Of Murder & Mystery : Available for Pre-Order on Friday 7/25


New York- For months Mezco has been testing the sleuthing abilities of their Living Dead Dolls fans with a series of maddeningly arcane and esoteric rhyming clues. Photos of crime scene evidence were released but the killers remained at large and the victim’s identity remained a mystery.

Its all part of the plan for Resurrection Series IX-A Tale Of Murder & Mystery.  A murder has been committed and one doll is the victim and three notoriously sociopathic dolls are the main suspects.

Now, beginning on Friday, July 24th, this limited edition series will be available for order. The four doll set features:

Lizzie Borden- The American hatchet murderer who evaded punishment.

Jack The Ripper- England’s legendary serial killer.

Elizabeth Bathory – The Hungarian countess with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

The Victim- This doll’s identity has yet to be revealed, but in an unprecedented change, it is a never seen before character! This exclusive innocent debuts in this series and is a newcomer to the world of Living Dead Dolls.

Four weeks of clues remain; with the final 13th clue to be revealed on August 14th, the same day the dolls begin to ship to those customers lucky enough to successfully pre-order.

Which member of this unholy trio is guilty, and what doll has fallen prey to their evil machinations?  See if you can unlock their grave secret at by reviewing the clues at

and place your order on Friday, July 24th 


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