CLIKI, the Smartest Case that Controls your Favorite Apps with just the Push of a Single Button, now available on

Pompano Beach, FL-  July 15, 2015- Today, Cane Wireless announced its first ever Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign ( to support its upcoming CLIKI smartphone case with removable smart button. CLIKI is a wireless smart button that comes built in and seamlessly integrated (available separately also) into a smartphone case.  Complimented by the intuitive App (IOS and Android) the user controls his/her favorite features on the smartphone with the push of one button. 

“CLICKI will allow you to control your music, take pictures, find your phone, activate a tracking beacon in case of an emergency, activate GPS plus much, much more…all with just the one single button,” said founder of Cane Wireless, Wayne Phang.  “Whether your fingers are clean or dirty, dry or wet, or even if you have gloves, with CLICKI none of that matters anymore!

The CLIKI button connects wirelessly to your smartphone using the latest Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE or Bluetooth 4.0).  CLIKI allows your phone to link to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time so you can still connect to your car stereo or wireless headset while using CLIKI.

The CLIKI button can be easily removed from your phone so you can use it like a remote control for group photos or positioned in a more convenient location when riding a bike or motorcycle for easy access to the one button control!

“We can all agree that smart-phones are incredible, they come packed with features and if they don’t you can usually add them thanks to the world of apps…but sometimes accessing and using them can be quite a chore! For example, to snap a picture you have to wake your screen, unlock your phone, look for your camera app, launch it, and then finally get to snap the picture. By then the “photo opp” is gone…thanks to CLIKI that’s no longer a problem,” said Phang.

In addition to the above features, similar to Nextel CLIKI works seamlessly with Zello’s Walkie-Talkie app to allow you to connect with anyone, anywhere they have data connection (cellular, Wi-Fi, LTE) for FREE!  

CLIKI has many additional features with more to come. Here are all the expected features of CLIKI. 
1. Music Remote 
2. Camera/Video Remote 
3. Flash-Light 
4. Voice Activation (Siri/Google) 
5. Voice-to-Text Activation 
6. Tether (Wireless Leash) 
7. S.O.S. Emergency Beacon 
8. Voice Recorder
* Some feature operation may differ on IOS and Android due to limitations in the architecture. 

CLIKI will be available for purchase this holiday season, for more information please log on to

About CLIKI:
We did not set out to reinvent the wheel; our goal was simply to make it better! Smart-phones have become an integral part of our lives. But, even with all this technology, doing simple tasks like taking a picture or skipping a song in your playlist can take 5-6 steps making it quite cumbersome. So we took on the challenge to make it better!  This is how CLIKI was born! We facilitated focus groups and analyzed how people use their phones and what features they used most to determine how to best implement CLIKI. We went through many different concepts and prototypes before getting to the product we have today on Kickstarter. 

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