Living Dead Doll Banners Celebrate New Resurrection Series


Living Dead Doll Banners Celebrate New Resurrection Series.


New York- Mezco  is celebrating the upcoming release of their Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Series 9 with three spine-tingling banners. The theme of the latest series is a murder mystery that has kept fans wondering not only who is the killer, but who is the victim.

This set of three banners showcases pieces of “evidence” found at the “crime scene”.  “Our award winning art department really outdid themselves” says Mezco spokesperson Mike Drake, “they studied actual vintage crime scene and evidence photos and consulted law enforcement professionals. The results are chilling works of art.”

Each banner depicts a single piece of evidence, and each is a limited edition of just 9 pieces being sold worldwide. “Since this is the 9th series , it seemed fitting to limit each banner to just 9 pieces” said Drake.

Each is printed on durable 10 oz. vinyl, measures approximately 18″ x 36″ and is only available at Mezco Direct.  Each banner, The Cookies, The Machete, and The Hook,  are sold separately.

Banners ship in late June and are perfect for signing if you meet Living Dead Dolls creators Mez, Ed, or Damien at a show, or as year round décor.

To order yours, while supplies last, visit 
on June 15th

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