In my eyes. The “hate” for John Cena is over

I won’t be sporting the latest in ‘Fruity Pebbles’ merchandise from John Cena but I can honestly say that after tonight, he’s earned my admiration. I’m sure he’s relieved. Even though what he did for Sami Zayn was pretty awesome, that’s not why I’m turning in my ‘Cena Hater’ card. 


Cena has been eating crap from the WWE Universe for the better part of about five to six years now and tonight was no different. I’m actually glad somebody came up with a new chant to ridicule him because “let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” was played out two years ago. I watched as he took it all in stride, just as he does every other night, but what struck me tonight and engineered this sudden change of heart is the fact that no matter what, John Cena never flinches. I enjoyed him subtly manipulate the Montreal crowd to the point where the cheers drowned out the jeers. Sure, he was pandering like conservative at an NRA rally, but what else is he to do? Break character and “turn heel” (by the way, if you think that, you’re lost beyond all reason and there is no help for you). No, because you don’t become the top guy and stay the top guy for more than a decade by basing your reactions upon the whims of wrestling fans who are more fickle than a bipolar convention. Besides, in my opinion, him telling the fans what he thinks of them in response to their constant ragging would be the easy way out. The irony would be that those same haters would still give Cena the treatment because their little brains probably wouldn’t be able to process NOT hating him for whatever reason.  
As far as being the top guy goes, sure you can hate him for the way that the WWE stuffed him repeatedly down our collective gullets, but take a step back for a second and ask yourself is that really his fault? Sure, he was positioned as the face of the company and has always played a major role in WWE programming, but isn’t that the kind of dependability you want from your top guy? Save for his injuries, he doesn’t take days off, he still works house shows, and despite his reputed “five moves of death” (plus the new springboard cutter), you can tell that he never phones in his performances. Other wrestlers such as The Rock, Kevin Nash, Warrior, Bret Hart has their “five moves of death” as well. But again, most importantly, he’s still here. He’s outlasted the C.M. Punks and Kurt Angles of the world, and will certainly outlast Daniel Bryan (I hate disclaimers, but I will say if you think I’m throwing shade at either of those guys, you should have a seat next to the “turn Cena heel” guys). 
Who would have believed that the fresh faced Cena, during a backstage segment with The Undertaker after his first match against Angle would still be going strong all these years later? He’s been successful during every transitional phase the WWE has been through throughout his tenure with the company. From Ruthless Aggression to the WWE Universe era, he hasn’t missed a beat. Dear internet promoters and bookers, I ask, would you crown an undependable, oft-injured, locker room cancer YOUR world champion fifteen times? I’ll wait… 
The one thing i will also say is that for the most part within the last few years, anything that touches Cena’s direction is an death sentance to a long road down the ladder. Look at Bray Wyatt last year, Nexus in 2010, Ryback in 2013, and Rusev now. 

Continue to hate John Cena and boo him until your little hearts are content and your voice starts to crack, but don’t ever question his passion, love for the business or his loyalty to the WWE. To do that would only signify that the hatred has consumed and blinded you and you’re incapable of being objective. Will I ever cheer John Cena at a live event? Nope. Buy an armband? Nurp? Chide his haters and tell them they’re wrong? Not a chance. But I won’t continue to be so blind as to just hate him on principle for everything he does. That’s a step in the right direction. I’m sure John Cena will sleep better at night knowing that yours truly is no longer one of his biggest haters. 

Julian Cannon

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