Quick Movie Review: The Overnight

The Overnight is an American comedy film written and directed by Patrick Brice. i had the chance to see the movie as I was invited to a press screening and i will say that i enjoyed the film. I will give the details on the review. 



  • Judith Godrèche as Charlotte
  • R.J. Hermes as RJ
  • Max Moritt as Max
  • Taylor Schilling as Emily
  • Jason Schwartzman as Kurt
  • Adam Scott as Alex

The Overnight takes place over one adventurous night in the lives of Alex (Adam Scott) and Emily (Taylor Schilling), a couple who have recently relocated to Los Angeles with their young son. Uncertain if they’ll be able to make new friends, they happily accept a dinner invite from Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), a fellow parent they meet at the park. Upon arriving for dinner, Alex, Emily, and their son instantly hit it off with Kurt, his glamorous French wife Charlotte (Judith Godrèche), and their son. Entranced by the couple’s carefree spirit and their beautiful LA mansion, Alex and Emily go along with Kurt and Charlotte’s fun yet increasingly questionable and uncomfortable activities that kick off as soon as the kids are lulled to bed.

Even though the story’s crack at the sexual frustration of thirtysomething parents is a bit clumsy, the humor is on point and the film is more than worthwhile as a mere showcase for this perfectly balanced cast, who are totally game to push their uncomfortable scenes to the limits in order to achieve some genuinely surprising and sidesplitting moments. As the magnetic and magnanimous Kurt, Schwartzman fires on all comedic cylinders, never losing an ounce of charm through every twist and turn his character takes. Godrèche is absolutely alluring and holds her own amongst her seasoned comic castmates, whom have all proven their comedic talents on the small screen — Scott with Parks and Recreation, Schilling with Orange is the New Black, and Schwartzman with Bored to Death. Anchoring the picture are Scott and Schilling, who have great onscreen chemistry and play off Schwartzman and Godrèche equally as well as they are paired off in different combinations throughout the night.

The Overnight fits in well with executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass’ mumblecore catalogue (which includes Brice’s directorial debut, Creep). What gives this film an edge and a chance to garner a wider audience is the star power it has and its easily digestible, almost episodic feel (and runtime — 80 min.) that Netflix scrollers and binge watchers will find hard resist.

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