Lego and DC Comics Presents: Justice League vs Bizarro Justice League


In what can only be called a giant in the children’s world, Lego has dominated the world. Their crossover into the realms of licensed properties and the establishment of a film and video game empire has made Lego a global phenomenon and much more then interlocking blocks.

Enter Justice league vs Bizarro Justice League, another smash hit for the team that once again has our old established heroes microsized and absolutely adorable.

The story centers around Bizarro Superman, who (if you ask my 3 year old) steals the show. Bizarro tries in vane to help the city of Metropolis but ends up reaking havoc, forcing Superman to trick Bizarro into going to another world. Of course, things in the DC Universe aren’t as simple as that.

What happens next, I will ask you to find out by watching the film yourselves.  It’s fast-paced and funny, a film for the whole family.

There are two distinct reasons to buy the BluRay: first is the gag reel.
The gag real arguably is almost as, if not funnier than, the film. Second is the inclusion of the exclusive Bizarro Batman mini figure.

I give this film a solid 3.5/5. Your kids will love it and you will too.

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