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Male and female DIY Action Figure kits – for the first time ever in 6″ scaleAdd your own paint, clay, other action figure bits, whatever, to make the figures you always wantedIf you build enough hero(ine)s, you’ll have a whole City of them!

Six inch action figures hold a very special place in our hearts. As action figures entered a Renaissance of sorts in the 1990s, they stopped being merely toys. They became works of art. Now, we still loved playing with them (toys are for playing with), but we respected them a bit more. And then we got into customizing action figures. But there weren’t any good neutral bodies in our beloved 6″ scale. Until now. Presenting, our Exclusive DIY 6″ Action Figure Kits!

These Exclusive DIY 6″ Action Figure Kits are a great place to start in customizing your 6″ army. Because we know what action figure collectors and customizers love, of course we offer male and female bodies. Each one comes with a removable cape, three different pairs of arms, and 14 points of articulation. The Exclusive DIY 6″ Action Figure Kits are made out of semi-flexible PVC plastic to allow for a combination of movement, the ability to take paint, and an easy time swapping out limbs and heads. Who will you make first with your Exclusive DIY 6″ Action Figure Kits? That’s up to you. But we wanna see pictures!

Please Note: Some kits have packaging that pushes on the action figure’s cape, which pushes on the head, which pops it off. The head is totally removable, so just pop it back on and get customizing!

Product Specifications  

Two 6″ figures for you to customize into your own superhero(ine)Your choice: Male or Female (or one of each and save)Each figure includes:A 6″ figure with 14 points of articulationA removable (and firm plastic) capeThree pairs of hands (fists, open, and ready to hold a weapon)Paint not included, because we know you have your ownMaterial: Semi-flexible PVCA ThinkGeek exclusive!Dimensions: 6″ tall

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