Jimmy Palmiotti to Bring His Next Original Project to BOOM! Studios

IMG_1024.JPGJimmy Palmiotti to Bring His Next
Original Project to BOOM! Studios


Jimmy Palmiotti


December 2, 2014 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is excited to announce it will be working with longtime, respected, and widely popular comics creator Jimmy Palmiotti on a new comic series, his first-ever original title with the company. The book, co-created and co-written by Matt Brady (Warlord of Mars), will debut in March and be announced next week.


Recently, BOOM! Studios has worked on original projects with comics luminaries including George Pérez, Brian Stelfreeze, Paul Jenkins, and Mike Carey. Earlier this year in July, the publisher announced upcoming titles with J.G. Jones, Mark Waid, Frank Cho, and Grant Morrison. BOOM! continues to add to its impressive roster with the addition of  Palmiotti, who has been making comics for over 25 years and is currently working on DC Comics’ top-selling series Harley Quinn with his wife, Amanda Conner, and Painkiller Jane at Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint.


“I’ve been talking on and off for the past few years with Ross and Filip about bringing something to them,” said Palmiotti, referring to BOOM! Studios’ CEO Ross Richie and President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik. “Matt and I were looking for the right company to bring our creation to. We thought BOOM! was the perfect fit for the project. We’re looking forward to announcing it next week.“


“I’ve been reading Jimmy’s work for years and I’m a fan of the complex character-driven stories he tells. We’ve wanted to work with him for a long time, and I’m glad we’re finally able to do so,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “We look forward to sharing information on this new series with everybody very soon!”

Jimmy Palmiotti began his career working as an inker alongside frequent collaborator Joe Quesada and eventually began writing as well, going on to work on such titles as Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Jonah Hex, and Deadpool. He and Quesada spearheaded the creation of the Marvel Knights line, and the pair also created Ash and Painkiller Jane together for their company Event Comics, the latter of which was adapted into a TV movie for SyFy Channel. Palmiotti is currently president of PaperFilms Entertainment and is co-writing Harley Quinn and Star Spangled War Stories for DC Comics monthly.

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