Canadian HeroClix Championship Event All New Video!

WizKids Games HeroClix Road to Worlds: Canadian HeroClix Championship Event All New Video!
Check out the all-new video for Canadian HeroClix Championship and get ready for the upcoming event!

HeroClix players in Canada should mark their calendars for 26-27 July 2014 for this tournament event aimed at celebrating HeroClix in the Great White North and crowning the 2014 Canadian HeroClix Champion!

Players can look forward to a fun-filled weekend featuring a number of side events, such as the HeroClix Battle Royales, HeroClix Duelist Sealed Event and more, in addition to the main HeroClix Canadian National Championship events.  Prizes for the events will be selected from a pool of the 2014 Convention Limited Edition prize figures: Amazo, World’s Finest and Jonah Hex for DC HeroClix and Hulk and Red She-Hulk, Whiplash and Doop for Marvel HeroClix. Click here to watch the new trailer and prepare yourself for the Canadian HeroClix Championship!
Want to get in on the action? Register for the event today using the all-new WizKids Event System at the Carta Magica store page.
For any questions regarding this HeroClix Road to Worlds event, please email Carta Magica at Thanks for all of your support! We’ll see you on the Road to Worlds – Canada in Ottawa later this month!
You can find out more about HeroClix Road to Worlds: Canadian HeroClix Championship event by visiting About WizKids  WizKids/NECA, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NECA, is a New Jersey-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating games driven by imagination. WizKids first pioneered the Combat Dial system featured in HeroClix, the leading collectible miniatures game on the market, with over 500 million miniature game figures sold worldwide. WizKids continues to produce new proprietary game platforms and properties including the award-winning fantasy board game Mage Knight, the groundbreaking Dice Building Game engine used in the critically-acclaimed game Quarriors and the launched in the first part of 2014 Dice Masters, as well as its widely hailed execution of Star Trek: Attack Wing. For additional information, visit

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