Thunder shorts

By Shawn Morales

American Viral.

American Viral is a series that follows an American Family that is “YouTube famous”.In episode one aptly called “Epic Balls” The Busk family tries to keep there viewer count and the laughs rolling. I hope you like awkward family dynamics and ball jokes. Watch American Viral on

Teachers Lounge.

Take a step into the Teachers Lounge for a funny comedy about the interactions between school faculty you can imagine your own teachers in these awkward and hilarious conversations. Don’t mix the Chicken with the Whites. Check out the Show on

Don’t Walk.

First day of work in New York City? Good luck that is of your new boss or the crosswalk for that matter don’t get you first. Look both ways and cross over to

Gabe and Max Need Help.

Even best friends don’t get along sometimes but how to fix the issues? Relationship counseling of course! Come check out the probs-gay couple on


Augie Alone.

Augie got a text from the girl at the bar too bad he can’t decipher emoji don’t bikini phone her! Check out more Awkward Augie on


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