comic review: codebreakers 1-4

by Shawn Morales

Codebreakers #1

Ciphers. Codes. Encryption. Passwords. Meet the best of the best elite Cryptanalysis Unit of the F.B.I. as they puzzle out the truth and protect all of us from those that would steal information in ways that can shatter the global community. But what happens to the Cryptanalysis Unit when one of their own goes missing? Is this a puzzle the puzzle-solvers can’t solve? And will this cipher reveal things about themselves?


Welcome to Noob Reviews today I am reviewing Codebreakers #1   . This series is about a squad of so called “codebreakers” in this issue we get a brief intro to the team, a bunch of seemingly genius level analyst and there “handler” who im guessing becomes the muscle they will no doubt need because one of the codebreakers is captured and the government secrets are in danger oh no! Yeah this ao far sounds like a recycled plot line with nothing special to make me want to read the next issue (even though I will).

Rating 2/5

Lets hope this old dry plot has a big twist in issue #2


Codebreakers #2

Another Codebreakers review and let me tell you it hasn’t gotten any better than the first issue, more recylced plot with motive-less characters and nothing to keep me reading (except that I said I would)  Ill tell you one code that needs to be broken how did this series get sent to print?

Rating 2/5

If you like cheesy hollow stories oh boy is Codebreakers the series for you!



Codebreakers #3


Here we go again the 3rd issue in this dull but thankfully short series. Ok so the problem with having such short series is that you have to cram all the backstory and plot into 20 or so pages and its hard to pull off for anyone. Codebreakers does a poor job of making you care for the characters I can barley remember any of there names! but in this issue I will say they did a good job of melding the flashbacks with the ongoing story all though the “big twist” was easy to call the balance between action and the flashback made this bad series somewhat bearable even if only for a moment.

Rating 3/5

Good story telling, bad story.



Codebreakers #4


Its over its finally over thank the heavens! Let me not waste time here I’ll make this short (like all my other post really) it all ends in a convenient happy ending for a bunch of characters we don’t care about anyway. I can see no reason to pick up this series unless you enjoy a series filled with spy troupes executed at the skill level of a 13 year old.

Rating 1/5

Way to end an already disappointing series with disappoint .


Series Verdict


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