Farewell DC Comics: One of New York’s True Landmarks!

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

The End is neigh for the home of DC comics here in NY and all their staff must make the decision to either move to LA or not.


Job relocation is always a tough choice for people so I wish them all the best in the next few days to upcoming months.
I find it amazing that a major staple in the comics world, which is all about New York history, is leaving almost unceremoniously.

Comics history is all over New York and these comic headquarters are almost mythical themselves.


I have never had the chance to work for DC, I had meetings with editors back in the 90s, but never got a gig. Yet, as a New Yorker, this really seems to hurt my soul. It was inevitable and I feel the same will come of Marvel.

These companies are owned by larger corporations and to downsize and keep everything within arms length on paper makes sense. Ye,t it doesn’t hurt any less.

At one time, having a Manhattan zip code and address actually meant prestige but, with the dawn of the internet and the abundance of electronic communication, you can be just as big coming from Tallahassee or some remote island as being located in a major city.

Farewell DC, this New Yorker will miss you!

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