The Simpsons: 25 Seasons of TV’s First Family

The Simpsons: 25 Seasons of TV’s First Family


It’s a hard fact to think about, but The Simpson’s have been on the air now for 25 seasons. And if you count the shorts from Tracy Ullman’s show, they have been apart of our lives now for 26 years.

They may not hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running animated series, but they hold up their own quite well.

Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Maggie and all their friends and neighbors in Springfield have entertained us and shown us that there is nothing that can’t be said or done without a good laugh.20131001-180558.jpg

Just like Family Guy and all the past and current crop of TV animated families, The Simpsons may not be the first (that honor goes to the Flintstones), but they have achieved greater status in the eyes of all who watch.

So as season 25 starts, let’s all spend time reflecting on a series that has amassed more than 500 episodes. We may not love all of them, but as long as ratings are there and awards keep coming, I hope to see The Simpsons make it for another 30+ seasons.20131001-180612.jpg

Not as though you need to be told, but new episodes of The Simpson’s air every Sunday on Fox.

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