My favorite gadgets from the James Bond movies

Guess who? its me again. Julian Cannon is here for a new post. not only I am a WWE/video game/ Marvel and DC boy, I am also a fan of the James Bond movies. here are my picks for my favorite gadgets from the James Bond films

Camera gun (the living daylights)

The camera gun is a 2 in 1 gadget.  Other than it takes pictures, but it is also a sniper rifle that can be used for a long range assault. Also the gun has an touch I’d so if anybody else other than bond uses the gun. it will not work at all. This is very interesting since the same idea was eventually used in metal gear solid 2 :sons of liberty with the guards on the big shell storyline that all of their ak-47’s have an ID system. now if the government does this, then our gun control laws will be set.

Underwater gun spear(thunderball)

I would not know if this count as a gadget because everybody else in the movie uses it too. But it counts in my list. The spear gun was something I have never seen before until I have seen this movie years ago. The spear itself after it is shot from the gun travels at a very fast speed. Even underwater it is pretty damn useful to not only get the bad guys out the way, the sharks as well. If there was a contest between a dart and that spear,I would like to see the outcome. But I would not use this underwater because if I miss my target, then I will get angry

Cigarette rocket (you only live twice)

This Bond gadget kills enemies and helps end cancer! Bond is introduced to a special brand of cigarette in this scene that, when lit, launches a rocket up to 30 yards. Cigarettes and cigarette cases have a special place in the Bond gadget universe—they’ve been used to detonate explosives, assemble microfilm readers, unleash stun gas, and help assemble the eponymous golden gun. These rockets can and will hit an unexpected target at any time. can we thank Q for this

Yo-yo saw (octopussy)

This gadget should be in a horror movie. The yoyo saw gave me goosebumps when I was a kid but now when I look back,I think this is the best yoyo ever made. Duncan cannot even top this. Think of the possible ways to take an enemy down with just one cut from the yoyo. It would be very hazardous if you would try to do tricks with it. But you would only see that in a circus or if captain America decides to switch his shield for the yoyo saw

Ghetto blaster (the living daylights)

Like some of the gadgets on this list, this was only seen in Q’s lab. That doesn’t make it any less awesome. It’s a rocket launcher that is shaped like a pretty sweet looking jam box. I’d finally feel safe walking to the store for candy bars in my neighborhood if I had this on my shoulder. I am assuming that this was here because of the rise of the boom boxes in the 1980’s

Pen bomb(goldeneye)

Never one to shy away from a pun, Pierce Brosnan starts strong in his first outing as Bond by telling Q that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword when the quartermaster produces a Class 4 grenade disguised as a Parker Jotter. The pen in question is eventually put to use in a brilliantly tense scene where the captured 007 is forced to watch programmer (and nervous pen clicker) Boris Grishenko click through the arm/disarm cycle of the Jotter multiple times before, once armed, Bond slaps the pen out of Boris’s hand with explosive results.

Golden gun(the man with the golden gun)

The iconic golden gun that Francisco Scaramanga used in The Man with the Golden Gun only shoots a single bullet and takes too long to assemble to be of any use in a real fight—but look at how shiny it is! The gun’s handle is a cigarette case, attached to a lighter that serves as a firing chamber, a pen that serves as barrel, and a trigger made from a cuff link. And it shoots 24-karat gold. now if we had a gun battle between this and a revolver, lets see who would win. Also the gun appears in most of the James Bond video games, as well as the call of duty series ripping off their version of the golden gun too
This I believe is the greatest handgun ever made

industrial laser(goldfinger)

If there’s one thing 007 enjoys more than ending the pitiful existence of nameless lackeys it’s having meaningless sex with awkwardly named vixens. So when boss baddie Auric Goldfinger straps Bond to a table and sets an industrial laser to ‘neuter’, 007 understandably gets a bit squeamish. Naturally, Bond makes it out of the fix with both heads undamaged, but what you might not know is there was a man beneath the table slowly moving a blow torch towards Connery’s crown jewels to produce the laser burn effect. There was no need for Connery to ask ‘What’s my motivation?’ on that day of shooting. But then again, many other TV cartoons or show has used this laser and have escaped the trap in many ways so it works for me to

Bowler hat(goldfinger)

The first time I have seen Oddjob threw the hat,I was thinking about Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat video game. When you trowel is like a disc, it goes with rapid speed. The bowler hat from Goldfinger wasn’t actually Bond’s gadget but that of Goldfinger’s henchman Oddjob. It had a razor sharp steel rim that could slice through flesh and bone when thrown like a Frisbee. Now try to have your dog catch this if thrown and see what will happen. but then again I would rather use this than a ninja star.

Rolex wristwatch with laser (never say never again)

Before Brosnan used a laser wristwatch in GoldenEye, Connery put it to use in his unofficial return as 007 in the curiously titled Never Say Never Again (the title is derived from a quip made by Connery’s wife in response to him saying he’d never play Bond again). Bond puts the inbuilt laser in the already classy Rolex wristwatch to good use, zapping his chains when he’s caught in a bind. The best part is that the watch is a prototype created by an ex-KGB defector; from Russia with love, indeed.

credit card(a view to a kill)

If you, like us, have watched way too many movies, you’d know that opening a stubborn locked door is as easy as getting a credit card and jiggling it in the gap between the door and the frame. Hmm. At least in A View to a Kill 007 is armed with a credit card that has a tech excuse for why it’s able to open doors: it has the electronic ability to do so, dammit! At least, that’s what we’re told. To prove it works, Bond uses it to break into Stacey Sutton’s home. I used to use my library card as a key to sneak into my living room at night just so I can stay up and do whatever I want. its the most simple gadget ever created

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