10″ Robocop ED-209 Figure With Sound By NECA





Figure stands about 10″ tall to be in scale with the 7″ Neca Robocop figure.

The Enforcement Droid 209 is an ultimately abortive attempt by OCP Senior President to generate automated replacements for the uncooperative Detroit police force. Jones’ would-be rival, junior executive Bob Morton, is tasked with creating a backup plan, the Robocop program. Morton watches sullenly as Jones’ team wheels out the massive ED-209 for a demonstration in the boardroom. In order to simulate a criminal encounter, Jones recruits one of Morton’s cronies to aim a pistol at the ED-209; in its rumbling animalistic voice the ED-209 orders the crony to drop the pistol, but when the ED fails to detect the pistol’s impact against the floor it tears the crony to pieces with a protracted barrage of machinegun fire. Dick attempts unsuccessfully to placate the Old Man, enabling Morton to weasel his way in and volunteer the Robocop plan as a substitute. Later, when Robocop discovers Dick Jones’ connection to Old Detroit crime boss Clarence Boddicker, he (Robocop) attempts to apprehend Jones, although he is prevented from doing so by Director 4. Jones attempts to use the ED-209 to destroy Robocop, although Robocop escapes. Successfully vilifying Robocop, Jones eventually reinstates the ED-209 program, placing one at the forefront of OCP headquarters, which Robocop destroys via the Cobra Assault Cannon.

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