Marvel Knights Animation’s WOLVERINE: ORIGIN is finally here! July 9th!


Wow. Shout Factory has a new release dropping on July 9th and it’s their best one yet!

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The movie is based on the Origin mini series (November 2001 – March 2002) written by Joe Quesada, Paul Jenkins and Bill Jemas with artwork by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove. I was reading comics in 2001 but didn’t buy Origin.


Don’t get me wrong it looked gorgeous! But my love for the Wolverine character came while reading the four issue mini from Claremont and Miller in 1982. I really never felt the character needed a solid past, the wandering ronin whose power set and origin remained a mystery worked for me. But when this dvd landed on my desk I gave it a shot.

To say this production is anything less than beautiful would do it a disservice. It is amazingly well animated, the artwork just as beautiful as in the mini series.

Most of us are familiar with this origin, it’s the one touched on in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine (though I think there are a few differences). James Howlett is a sickly young boy living in late 19th century Canada. A member of an upper class family, a family rife with intrigue and stress. Little does that young man know that all the problems of his short life will culminate in the genesis of his mutation. The revelation of which will send him running from everything he knows and set him on the path to becoming the man we know as Logan!

I truly enjoyed this, it was fun to watch, it was beautiful to look at, and it was well acted. I can’t give it a higher rating, 5 out of 5. And as usual with Marvel Knight’s Animation there a great extra in the form of interviews with the people who created the film and worked on the Origin mini series!

Order it today from amazon (orders and pre-orders) or pick it up at your local comic shop on July 9th!

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