The Crow: Curare #1 another 5 out of 5 from IDW!

By Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood


A washed up cop, bodies of dead and abuse children, flashes of moments that could only be interpreted as schizophrenia. This is the story told in this first issue.

“He sleeps, and in sleeping he dreams of small, distorted clouds like crippled children, twisting and crawling across a sky the color of sewer water.”

A once hard-working detective is now alone. He drinks and smokes way too much. His life is in a dilapidated state. And he knows all too well what it all means. All these dynamic images would classify under any well written drama be it on TV, in a book or in a movie.

Yet it’s in the first issue of a comic book, not just any comic book, it’s a Crow comic. James O’Barr has found his rhythm again and these last few crow books are all over the map and all over time.

This story written to take place in the 1970s feels and acts just like as if you are there. This book is a solid 5/5 and should be read right now!

Crow_Curare01_cvrA - Copy Crow_Curare01_cvrSUB

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