best and worst wrestlemania matches part 2 (1991-1999)

Julian cannon back again and now it is time for part two of my choices for the best and worst matches of wrestlemania (1991-1999)

Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels ladder match (wrestlemania 10)..

This was the first wrestlemania I have seen on pay per view. And also the very first time I have ever seen a ladder match. This match set up for the winner to become the undisputed intercontinental champion. Razor Ramon was already the champion but Shawn Michaels returned from an injury(in reality suspension for failing a drug test) and proclaimed that he is still the champion the only way to solve this is to put both belts hanging above the ring and one of the will have to climb the ladder to retrieve Both belts to become the championships. The match begins with some back and forth grappling action and strikes as well. At just about 7 minutes into the match all hell breaks loose and the action spills out of the ring and we will see the ladder being used as a weapon. From the elbow off the ladder and body splash too, these spots were very awesome to see back then. No matter how many times HBK would get to the belt, “the bad Guy” Razor Ramon would always get straight back up and knock him down.
The final time Shawn tried to go for the belt, Razor pushed the ladder down while Shawn was still up there forcing him to be tangled between the ropes this allowed razor to get the win and belts.
This match has been reviewed numerous of times and received many awards for this epic match.

Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash(wrestlemania 11)

Wrestlemania 11 is considered by many to be the worst wrestlemania ever produced by the WWE, also many believed that 1995 in general was the worst year for the WWE as well. But this match was not to bad itself and it is often forgotten by many because Shawn Michaels became the first wrestler to win the Royal Rumble and loose the title match at Wrestlemania.

throughout the match, Kevin Nash overpowered Michaels with an array of moves, which is something we don’t see him do that much anymore. There is not much to say about this one except that this might be the only Kevin Nash match I have ever put in my favorite list.

Ric flair vs Randy Savage
(Wrestlemania 8)

The main event was supposed to be Ric Flair vs hulk Hogan but due to creative differences and ego tripping and backstage politics, the main event was changed for Hogan vs Sid justice and Savage vs Ric Flair for the WWE championship.
Ric Flair is the only wrestler to have won the WWE championship in a Royal Rumble match ( that wouldn’t be a bad idea for the PG/modern as of now). The feud leading into this match was not that long at all but these two pulled off the match of the night in my opinion.

Savage showed that he can pull off a 5 star match despite having knee surgery a month prior and Ric Flair as per normal used many of his dirty tactics he has used in the NWA/WCW days at Starcade. On an interesting note, Savage had a handful of tights when he pinned Flair, only a tactic used by heels during this circa. The two heels continue to assault the new champion after the match, working over his leg still, until a ton of officials drag them off. Savage and Elizabeth celebrate after Flair and Mr. Perfect are gone, to a jubilant Hoosier Dome crowd and pyrotechnics.
Winner at via pinfall and new WWE champion, Randy Savage. many believed that if the Hogan vs Flair would have happened at wrestlemania 8, it would have the biggest draw at wrestlemania since Hogan vs Andre the giant. unfortunately that match happened at WCW bash at the beach 1994.

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 60-minute iron man match(wrestlemania 12)

Before this match,there has not been a match that has went past the 45 minute mark in WWE. A 60- minute iron man match seemed too much for anybody at the time but it was not for these two.
Everything building up to this clash was an epic journey. from the promos, to the backstage segments and to the training videos,this had a lot of high expectations and it delivered.

This is a great match. The ring work is great from two master tacticians.

when Shawn moves out of the way. Bret Hart returns to the ring and applies the headlock. Shawn tries to counter but Bret persists. Shawn uses fists and a dropkick to regain the advantage and works the arm more. Bret tries to counter a few times but Shawn keeps the advantage.
Bret punches his way back but Shawn counters and posts Bret’s bad shoulder. Shawn really works the arm with a shoulder breaker, a second-rope double axe to the shoulder and a hammerlock slam. Bret comes back but Shawn regains control with a single-arm DDT and a cross-arm breaker. Bret comes back and clotheslines Shawn’s throat on the second rope and slingshots him into the post, Bret is too injured to follow up quick enough.
Shawn tries a splash in the corner but misses and Bret kicks him in the stomach. Bret starts to go through his comeback moves but Bret goes to the top and tries a bulldog move and it kind of hits.
Halfway point of the match and the big story of the match up to this point is Shawn Michaels wrestling a slow methodical pace instead of flying around and taking risks; the opposite of what Bret Hart expected.
Shawn hits a power slam for two. Bret spikes Shawn with a pile driver… for two! Bret tries a top rope move and Shawn tosses him; Shawn hits a hurracanrana.
Bret avoids the Sweet Chin Music by rolling to the floor so Shawn (finally) dives off the top rope to the floor with a cross body. Shawn tries one into the ring but Bret rolls over… for two.
They begin to pick up the pace with some near falls; Shawn hits a fisherman’s suplex for two so he applies a sleeper. Bret counters but Shawn keeps the advantage until he charges at Bret in the corner and gets back drop over the ring post to the floor.
Bret goes out after him and rams Shawn’s back into the ring post; fans begin to boo Bret for that.
Bret brings Shawn back in the ring and works the lower back by driving the elbow into the back from the second rope. Bret with a back breaker and a leg drop; he throws Shawn into the buckle and Shawn flips on top of it backwards so Bret back superplexes him for two. Bret settles into a Camel Clutch. Shawn wakes up and hits a desperation sunset flip for two. Bret flings Shawn into the buckle so hard he ricochets over the top onto Jose Lothario on the floor. Bret then goes outside and tosses Shawn into Jose and both go into the steel steps. Bret brings the match back into the ring. 45 minute mark and still no falls; tied at 0-0. Bret hits a belly-to-belly suplex still working on the lower back in preparation for the Sharpshooter; Shawn tries to fight back but Bret stays on top. Bret tosses Shawn to the floor off a kick out of a roll up and suicide dives onto Shawn. Bret returns to the ring awaiting the count out. Shawn crawls back in and Bret tries to suplex him back inside the ring Shawn switches and goes behind him but Bret counters into a German suplex for two. Bret pummels Shawn and he asks for more. Bret reapplies a Camel Clutch like chinlock. Under ten minutes left the first decision is clearly critical. The fans rally Shawn to his feet but they hit double clotheslines. They wearily slug it out. Bret hits a top-rope superplex. Neither man can capitalize but Bret is up first and tries for the Sharpshooter but Shawn keeps countering. Bret applies a half Boston Crab; Shawn makes the ropes. Bret with another backbreaker at the 55 minute mark but Shawn desperately counters the driving elbow. Both men down again Shawn is up first and hits a dropkick. Bret goes chest first hard into the buckle. Shawn hits the flying forearm and nips-up. Shawn begins a second wind flurry of offense and hits a twisting second rope double axe handle. Shawn goes up and hits the elbow drop… for two! Wow that was close. Shawn hits a gut wrench powerbomb and a moonsault press for two again. The pace is insanely fast for the time they have been wrestling for as Shawn hits a hurracanrana pin combo for two again. Shawn tries to get to the top as Bret revives. Shawn jumps right into the Sharpshooter with 30 seconds to go. Shawn holds on as the one hour time limit expires tied 0-0. Since Roddy Piper, who booked this match in Gorilla Monsoon’s absence, said there MUST be a winner; Monsoon decrees that they will wrestle sudden-death overtime. Bret is not happy with this decision. The match continues with Bret continuing to beat on Shawn working on the back. Bret tosses Shawn in the corner but Shawn counters into the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere; Shawn is tired to capitalize. Bret is slowly getting up as Shawn sets up for another one and nails it for three and the title a minute or so into overtime. Shawn kicks everyone out of the ring and celebrates alone

The pacing and psychology of this match were on par with the Savage/Warrior career match, it is obviously long with a lot of rest-type holds. This is the antithesis of Hogan/André but just as worthy of being one of the best main events ever. Shawn finally achieves his dream of winning the WWF title as Vince McMahon finally pulls the trigger on a “smaller” heavyweight champion. Bret takes more character development from the loss as this is the genesis of heel Bret Hart. After this match he became more and more whiny over the next year and finally turned,

Mick Foley and Terry funk vs the new age outlaws dumpster match(wrestlemania 14)

This match was for the WWE tag team championship. The new age outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) were on a roll when they became the tag team champions in 1997. They then started a feud with cactus Jack and Terry funk. After the raw episode where they pushed the dumpster (with Foley and funk were inside) off the stage.the challenge was made. The match itself was great in my opinion with the usual hardcore spots and the match ended backstage where Foley and funk put both the outlaws inside the dumpster.the crowd was totally hot for this one and all 4 of them put up a great show.. by far this is the only wrestlemania match Terry funk has ever been in and at his age then,he was still hardcore.who knows when funk will retire. Did I mention that they won the tag team titles

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart (wrestlemania 10)

This was the first and only brother vs brother match until wrestlemania 25 with Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy. Bret and Owen were some of the best technical wrestlers at the time. To see the older brother go against the younger raised a lot of questions from fans around the world..out of these two who could be the better wrestler that night. As soon as the bell ring these two clashed with grappling action for the first few minutes. There was a lot of technical wrestling throughout the match.  Bret Hart and Owen Hart are from the famous Hart family and they grew up around wrestling so I wasn’t surprised to see them use a lot of technical wrestling in the match. There were also near falls that left you on the edge of your seat.  It was hard to tell who was going to win this match because the pace was so fast.  Bret Hart and Owen Hart worked so well together during the match.  There weren’t any boring holds to slow down the match, which was a blessing.They were jumping off the ropes and they took the match outside of the ring for a few minutes too. Bret Hart and Owen Hart even had the chance to give each other cheap shots (they both slapped the taste out of each other’s mouths).  They also managed to give each other Bret Hart’s signature move (the sharp shooter).  Without spoiling the outcome, I didn’t’t expect the match to end the way it did. I think this was one of Owen Hart’s best matches

Bret Hart vs Steve Austin submission match(wrestlemania 13)

The main event of this wrestlemania was supposed to be a rematch between Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart.but due to almost the same reason for Hogan /flair. It was scrapped. So the next hottest thing in wrestling Steve Austin went for Bret instead. This match was also a submission match with Ken shamrock as the guest referee as soon as the match begins, Austin starts a brawl with Bret which soon continued outside the ring then eventually going in the crowd to continue the brawl. There were foreign objects used also and then Austin and Hart walks up the stairs in the crowd as well.Ken shamrock gets them back into the ring and Bret starts to focus on Steve Austin’s leg with some submission moves. He busted Austin open with the timekeeper’s table and Austin’s head began to bleed. Hart tried to use a steel chair on Austin’s leg, but Austin choked Hart with a television cable. The next scene of the Match is a scene that stuck in everyone’s head forever.
Bret applied the sharpshooter on Austin and from that moment on, a lot of blood started pouring out of Austin’s head and Austin passed out from not trying to give up at all..Bret was called the winner of the match however, Bret started to attack Austin which lead to a double turn, which means Bret Hart turned heel and Austin turned face in this ending of the match ..the fans booed Bret out of the building but this match is one of the greatest of all time in my book. And possibly the last great match Hart had before the Montreal screw job later that year

Honorable mentions

Steve Austin vs the rock (wrestlemania 15)

The undertaker vs Kane (wrestlemania 14)

Roddy piper vs goldust falls count anywhere (wrestlemania 12)

Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter
(Wrestlemania 7)

X-pac vs Shane McMahon (wrestlemania 15)


now lets go through the worst


Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales(wrestlemania 9)

Where do I start with this one..the undertaker was going for 3-0 heading in this wrestlemania. His opponent was the Giant Gonzales. Not only that Gonzales was a horrible wrestler and talker, he was just size and that was it. Undertaker is great in the ring and he always perform in high level of injuries. Some of undertaker’s opponents were great and very few was awful .. this one is a prime example. The match was too slow from start to finish and good thing it didn’t go over the 7 minute mark.Gonzales had the upper hand for most of the match and the fans didn’t seem to care for this one..what makes this worse is that the undertaker did not win by pin or submission or count out. He won by disqualification. Good thing he was 3-0 at the time because if it was now (20-0) ..the fans would have an outrage.

Lawrence Taylor vs bam bam bigelow(wrestlemania 11)

Back again at 1995, we got a feud between wwe’s bam bam bigelow and one of the greatest NFL players Lawrence Taylor. The media went crazy for this one and the match was wrong for a few reasons ..but I do give Taylor credit because out of all the celebrities besides Tyson and Mr.t that appeared on wrestlemania, Lawrence has to be the only one to have a solid match. But anyway,nobody had any clue to why bam bam a world class athlete would look so weak against Taylor. When he was taking those moves, it was like watching bowser being defeated by a koopa troopa. Then bam bam had a little offensive powerslams but as soon as Lawrence got the pinion shook my head in disbelief NFL player defeating a professional wrestler just makes wrestling a weaker sport..hopefully we wont see anything horrible like this again..oh wait ( Floyd mayweither, snooki smh)

Triple h vs the ultimate warrior (wrestlemania 12)

It continues..yup warrior returned for one final run in the wwe in 1996. His match with triple h at wrestlemania was the worst in triple H’s career (as he stated in the self destruction of the ultimate warrior DVD). Triple h has done a lot of offensive moves but warrior literally no sold all of hunters moves ..the most messed up part about this match was when triple h gave warrior the pedigree, warrior stood right back up after he took it and many fans turned away from this match after that spot. Warrior would get the pin after his running splash which also proved why warrior was unprofessional in the ring and backstage. Good thing he got fired later that year because nobody wanted to watch ultimate warrior on Monday night raw..if I asked for the iron sheik’s reaction of this match, it will go like this: “FACKING BULLSHIEET”.

Bart Gunn vs butterbean(wrestlemania 15)

Another celebrity match but this one was a “boxing ” match. From 1998-99, the wwe would do a brawl for all boxing segment on raw is war with wrestlers..that’s right u heard it wrestlers doing boxing..even when I was a kid I thought it was stupid ..but anyway, Bart Gunn (remember the smoking guns tag team with Billy Gunn) challenged a real boxer butterbean to a brawl for all segment at wrestlemania 15.. there was not that much of a story heading into the match but the match ended in 30 seconds due to a “TKO” from butterbean. I was laughing extremely hard by the way Bart sold that punch because that was just a waste of everyone’s time. And at this point I wanted the celebrities to stop doing matches..maybe have them as a special enforcer or referee but to have them involved in a gets worse for the years to come

Bob Backlund vs Bret Hart I quit match(wrestlemania 11)

I am not really sure but I believe that this was the very first “I quit” match ever in the wwe or the first and by far the only in wrestlemania history (someone correct me on this,I appreciate it). Bret Hart lost his wwe championship to Bob Backlund in 1994, and then Bob lost it to Kevin Nash at a house show. Bob and Bret continued their feud to wrestlemania 11. As Bret said in an interview back in 2009, he calls this match the worst in his career. I have to agree with him because the entire match was just out of place from start to finish..this was basically a submission match with no disqualification rules.good thing that they changed the rules eventually because Bret loosing to Bob by a cross chicken wing was just not believable at all..I would rather skip reviewing this match because Bret is more of a technician than Bob ever will be..but ill pull something Bret said about the triple h vs undertaker match last month..ill give this match a “4/10” and yes it was mediocre

hulk Hogan vs Yokozuna (wrestlemania 9)

This match started right after Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart for the wwe championship..tell me this, why in the world world Hogan need to suck up the last 5 minutes of wrestlemania 9..because he can..again backstage politics can really ruin a match completely. so Hogan returns to the company and gives Yokozuna the leg drop after Mr.Fuji attempted to use the powder on Hogan and yup that was it and is how you close a ppv in hulk Hogan’s eyes brother ..only to loose it two months later back to Yokozuna..very pitiful

Honorable mentions

Big show vs mankind (wrestlemania 15)

Triple h vs Kane(wrestlemania 15)

Undertaker vs king Kong.bundy(wrestlemania 11)

Razor Ramon vs Bob backlund( wrestlemania 9)

Hulk Hogan vs Sid (wrestlemania 8)

Undertaker vs big boss man hell in a cell match (wrestlemania 15)

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