3rd party dino casstte


unofficial custom Transformers item. We’re not clear on if this is a full-on Third Party release or a garage kit, but you can see from the pictures that it is a great, and small, version of the Fall of Cybertron Swoop pterodactyl. Zicoyu informs us that this Swoop, rather than assuming a robot form, can transform into a cassette tape mode that can fit inside Masterpiece Soundwave.


reminds us of

Graphy (グラフィ Gurafi) is one of the Autobot Mini-Cassettes. The aerial intelligence soldier of the group, he is the calmest among them, a stark contrast to his hyper-violent partner Noise. Graphy is an impressive flyer with amazing eyesight.

As a member of the W Cassettebot sub-sub-group, he can combine with Noise to form the robot Decibel.

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