First Look At Cheung’s “Infinity” Interiors

Marvel Comics has released a first look at artist Jim Cheung’s interior pages for Jonathan Hickman’s “Infinity” #1, which features the first good look at what readers can expect from the upcoming summer event. Cheung’s pages feature close looks at the Avengers, the new Avengers and The Black Order, Thanos’ supremely powerful generals, which Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said will likely be a huge problem for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes during the event.

“It’s a good thing that the Avengers have gotten bigger and brought in more members. We’re fielding a team, now, around 18 people deep, giving three apiece to take on the lieutenants and three guys to fight with Thanos himself,” Brevoort said in May. “They will probably need it. Every one of these characters exist on a galactic scale. They’re not necessarily Titans like Thanos, but they are beings of the cosmos who walk in the same circles as Thanos. They’re unto like demigods. They’re just as sturdy and undamageable and knowledgable as guardians. These aren’t normal aliens, these aren’t basic Skrulls or Kree or average Shi’ar. These guys are levels that are one-up from that. Even though the Avengers on the surface seem to outnumber them in terms of sheer mathematics, these are characters that are powerful enough and nasty enough to give a team of superheroes a fight, individually. In the same kind of way Thanos would go up against the Avengers by himself in the past, any one of these characters could hold their own against an Avengers team in the field. There are five of them, and they are backed up by legions of more conventional outer space bad guys. This is only half the problem the Avengers and the other heroes are going to face in ‘Infinity.’ This is not even 50 percent


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